Scientists And Technology Experts Seem To Be More Valued By Modern Society Than Musicians And Artists | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Scientists and technology experts seem to be more valued by modern society than musicians and artists. To what extent do you agree?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Nowadays, talent is given high level of importance. Some people believe that musicians and other artists are given less importance than those engaged in research and development. I completely disagree with the argument that only scientists and engineers are well known and respected by the people worldwide.

Firstly, let us discuss why only highly educated professionals like scientists, doctors or engineers are considered as important people. These people hold professional degree which is highly acclaimed worldwide. In order to earn these academic degrees they have to undergo hardship and rigorous studies. For example to become a doctor or engineer, one needs to clear multiple entrance exams and then has to invest several years in studying and gaining the professional knowledge.

Overall due to their constant hard work and dedication they become skilled professionals, and hence receive /enjoy high social status. On the other hand, nowadays talent is not judged on the basis of only academic studies or education. In today’s world individuals like musicians and painters are given equal opportunities and platforms to showcase their talents and qualities. There have been numerous television channels and shows like “India has got talent” which are engaged in promoting such talents to a wider audience. Nowadays children are not supposed to be engrossed in studies alone; they are also encouraged to take their natural skills or talent seriously. On the whole, we see many not-so-educated but talented individuals enjoying the same fame and social status as other educated professionals.

To conclude, even today some people think that in order to gain high status in the society one needs to be highly educated and knowledgeable. Although education is an important factor to be popular and successful in today’s world, natural talent and qualities are also given equal importance.

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6 Responses

  1. Richai says:

    It is often considered by many that scientists and masters of technology have been highly respected by the modern community than any other professionals like musicians and artists. this essay will completely agree with the statement. firstly, this essay will demonstrate that they have been more valued because of their high paid job and secondly, this will include that they play a vital role in our day to day life.

    To begin with, it is not surprising that professionals like researchers and technologists are highly valued and respected in our society. this is mainly because they have a high remuneration job. in other words, they have been completed their masters and Ph.D. degree to become a professional. Furthermore, the wages they are receiving are justifiable because they have been overcome with hardship to complete their education. However, the majority of musicians and artists have not completed their basic education. For instance, The Times reported in March 2019, that scientists salary is three-fold higher than a musician. Therefore, these professionals have been appreciated and appealed by the public.

    owing to the advent of sophisticated modern technology by the experts is immeasurably beneficial for common people in our day to day life. they have been invented many household appliances which are become highly necessary products in our daily activities. For example, household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and micro-oven are highly appreciated by the people. these products not only make our life easy but also save a lot of time which can be utilized for some other work. Hence, technologists are more valued in our community.
    In conclusion, after discussing the pertinent points related to the issue I would reiterate that highly educated professionals like scientists and technology experts are more valued because of their high paid job and they made our life more comfortable by inventing household appliances.

  2. Andrey Gorbunov says:

    There is no doubt that current society respects technology-driven occupations over modern artists. This essay will explain this trend and provide a few examples to justify the opinion.

    To begin with, technology students have to invest plenty of time, effort and money to complete the curriculum and obtain the desired certification. For example, an average engineer pathway requires at least 6 years of post-secondary education and more than 120000 dollars tuition fees to be paid. It is worth to mention, that studying does require significant efforts. Another point is that science and technology experts work towards material things which common people will benefit daily.

    On the contrary, many contemporary artists do not have a formal education. Sometimes it is only a matter of having a Youtube channel with a few popular videos. For instance, famous teenage singer Jo-Jo Siva started her career by uploading videos of how she pours different liquids over her head while standing in a shower fully dressed. Besides, a few artists now do not have to have extraordinary talent, their performances can be enhanced by currently available computer technologies.

    In conclusion, someone might argue that musitians and artists deserve more credit and some of them have to utilize significant efforts to be recognized and valued by common people. However, individuals who choose to perceive science or technology careers and being able to overcome all barriers deserve to be more respected due to their everyday hard work, complete dedication to their profession and significant benefits to society.

  3. mark hasal says:

    The present-day community cares more on inventors and equipment experts rather than these instrumentalists and performers. I strongly agree on this view because not only of their level of education they are being valued for but they could be the only key to develop modern medicines and could possibly enhance technological gadgets that may help individuals to perform their home tasks.

    To start with, strengthening the science and technology field could possibly discover cures to certain long time diseases. Experts on this area usually work almost 24/7 to find solutions to the illnesses that the world has not cured for the last couple of decades and it needs support from the general public to make this process even more effective. Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV for example, has been researched since around the 1980’s and until now only prophylactic drugs were utilized to combat the sign and symptoms of the disease but not to the extent that it kills the main virus. Therefore, giving importance to this type of cause will probably aide in the discovery of new remedies.

    Moreover, may assist individuals more on their daily house assignments. Through this, people will most likely accomplish more task than the usual work they can do in the entire day. For example, the creation of a robotic house cleaning machine helped a lot of busy housewives because it was programmed and designed to maintain the cleanliness of their household and with this type of method, mother’s can possibly achieve additional work that they intended to do. Thus, valuing efforts of scientists may possibly make house chores more easier.

    In conclusion, giving more attention and praises to those developers of modern science and technology will most likely boost their confidence more to create new curative management as well as making the people more efficient on their daily house work.

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