Scientific Research Should Be Controlled By Governments Rather Than Private Companies | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Scientific research should be carried out and controlled by the governments rather than private companies. Do you agree or disagree?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay Sample

In my perspective, while some experiments with possibly unexpected high-risk should be controlled / regulated by governments, others with controllable hazards can be carried out by private firms.

Multifarious points throw lights on my standpoints. First and foremost, scientific research is categorized / can be categorized into different kinds. Governments should be vigilant) and pay much attention to those which may lead to catastrophic consequences once an error occurred. To be specific, research related to biological weapons or nuclear technology will definitely jeopardize public health if an incident like leakage occurs; hence, such research should only be conducted by the government.For another, since the profit is the only thing that private enterprises chase, something that compromises security is more likely to take place, threatening society. Under the surveillance and control of government, such likelihood will be dramatically reduced.

 On the other hand, autonomy should be reasonably given to private enterprises when it comes to regular and low-risk researches. The intention of research is to prove the hypothesis and eventually transfer the outcome into an innovative and practical one benefiting human beings. Without the debate of safety, legislation and morality, innovation always follows the principle—”The faster, the better. This not only caters to the need of this society but also leads to intense competition between companies in the same field.

Empirical evidence has proved that in some field, excessive intervention of governments will only lead to inefficiency, dragging the procedure. Furthermore, the scientific researches are relatively costly; therefore, they will impose overwhelming pressure on fiscal expenditure if governments take control of all of them.

To encapsulate, governmental monitoring is definitely an irreplaceable element in scientific research, but we should give some space to private companies whose importance can’t be substituted.

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2 Responses

  1. Rajinder Sandhu says:

    People have different views about whether scientific research should be conducted and managed only by the government agencies or not. Personally, I believe that private firms have superior equipment and scientists, so I disagree with the assertion that only government agencies should carry out the scientific research.
    One of the primary reasons for my belief is the availability of funds and equipment’s in the private firms. Undoubtedly, the fiscal strength of any government is strong as compared to any private firm. However, the government need to spend their money on multiple sectors such as defense, education, and health. Whereas every private firm has a dedicated field of research therefore they can allocate more financial assets to a specific area. Moreover, the quality of equipment’s in private labs are a decade ahead of the government infrastructure. The reason is that the private organizations can use the equipment’s in production also after the research is successful. Consequently, they can take risk in investing millions in buying or building infrastructure.
    The secondary reason for the success of private labs is their ability to pay massive salaries to their scientists. Likewise, scientists can have their own labs with world class equipment to achieve their vision. This collaboration of money, equipment and best minds is necessary in modern world science which is not possible in most of the government labs. Additionally, the private labs can form a better collaboration than their government counterparts because they have offices in almost every country, and they do not need to worry about global politics.
    In conclusion, private scientific labs have more chances in conducting breakthroughs rather than the governments labs due to focused fund allocation, better equipment, superior minds, and collaboration. Therefore, I disagree that only government agencies should conduct scientific research.

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