School Teachers Are More Responsible For Social And Intellectual Development Of Students Than Parents | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

School teachers are more responsible for social and intellectual development of students than parents. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

According to some people, teachers play a greater role in developing the social and cognitive abilities of children than parents. I personally believe that developing the overall growth of students should be the joint responsibility of teachers and family members.

On the one hand, teachers are trained people who know how to impart knowledge that boosts that academic and communication skills of students. No wonder, many successful people attribute their success to their teachers. If these people had received guidance only from their parents, they might not have achieved much success. For example, in order to clear competitive exams, students need the guidance of teachers who understand the format of these exams. Obviously, teachers play an important role in ensuring the intellectual growth of their students.

On the other hand, parents also have an equal job in sharpening their children’s mind and making them stand out in society. It is evident that children imitate their parents and if their family members are responsible citizens and treat everybody with respect, there are high chances that they will also become disciplined and responsible members of the society. Furthermore, making their toddlers complete their homework and revise the lessons for better understanding is clearly the responsibility of parents, which in turn is useful in making their kids perform well in school. For instance, teachers majorly focus on delivering their lectures in classes and pay less attention whether students have understood their guidance or not, thus, it becomes imperative for parents to regularly check on the progress of their students.

To conclude, it is important both for teachers and parents to play an active role in the social and cognitive development of students because children divide their time between home and school. In my opinion, parents are more responsible for the social and emotional development of children whereas teachers play a greater role in ensuring their academic development.

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