Sample essay: A number of historic buildings have been destroyed. What are the reasons for this?

A number of historic buildings have been destroyed. What are the reasons for this? What should be done to preserve these buildings

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Model Answer

Historical buildings are the windows to the past. They tell us a lot of things about our history and civilization. They are the symbols of our rich heritage and must be preserved at any cost. Unfortunately most of these building are in danger. Several of them have already been destroyed. The remaining are also facing the threat of destruction.

Many factors have led to the destruction of historical buildings. The most important among them has been foreign invasion. Structures like palaces, forts and temples were the worst hit by invading foreign troops. For example, numerous Indian temples and palaces were looted and destroyed by foreign rulers who invaded the country during the medieval times. This has also happened in other parts of the world. Another reason was religious. Because the invaders usually believed in another religion, they often thought that it was their responsibility to convert the religious structures of the countries they conquer. As a result of this many Hindu temples were converted into Islamic Mosques and vice versa.

In modern times, the destruction of historical buildings is mainly due to a lack of resources and awareness. Maintaining these structures requires a great deal of time, effort and money. Poor countries cannot always afford this. Government apathy is another factor.

Preservation of these buildings won’t be possible without generating awareness. Organizations like the UNESCO and the media in general can play a huge role in this. We must drive home the fact these buildings belong to the whole of humanity and not just to the nation or community where it is physically located and that it is our duty to preserve these structures for our future generations.

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