Sales Companies Should Recruit People Who Are Hungry For Money | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Sales companies should recruit people who are hungry for money as they will make the most dedicated workers. Do you think money is the driving force behind hard work? What factors should be taken into consideration when recruiting staff for sales positions?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Some people argue that sales companies should recruit people who have an insatiable need to earn money as they are more likely to work tirelessly. In my view, money plays a pivotal role in anybody’s life in the contemporary world because it has become a fundamental need to fulfil almost all the materialistic desires of a person; hence, it motivates a person to work hard. However, there are other factors like interpersonal skills and professional experience which must be taken into account while hiring a sales person.

In today’s world money has become very important for the survival and life cannot be imagined without money which makes it the most significant reason why people work. So, if they are offered more money, they feel motivated and would be able to work with determination. World Bank in one of its white paper says that money has become more important than ever and today it is the only reason for 90 percent of employees to work. So, it is quite evident that money is very crucial for survival and thus it can motivate a person to work hard.

On the other hand, experience and interpersonal skills are very much the basic requirements to work in sales positions in any company. No sales person can work effectively without them. Therefore, companies should check these two aforementioned skills while hiring sales persons because these jobs require them to face and convince the customer to buy their product and only an employee who possesses effective interpersonal skills can achieve this.

To sum up, it is true that an employee who has a desire to earn more will work hard in a sales position. Hence, they should be given preference while appointing an employee for sales role. However, it must not be forgotten that experience and interpersonal skills are of utmost importance and they should also be given equal importance while recruiting an individual.

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