Result Of A Survey Of Adult Education

Sample report

The bar chart shows the reasons that encourage adults to pursue education while the pie chart shows who in their opinion should bear the cost of their education. For as much as 40% of the respondents, interest in the subject is the reason that prompts them to study. Another 38% of adults study to gain qualifications. 22% of them believe that it is helpful for their current job. Improving career prospects and interest in learning are the other major reasons. while 9% of the respondents pursue adult education to meet people, 12% of them do it to be able to change jobs.
As per the pie chart, 40% of the respondents said that the individual students themselves should bear the cost of their education. While 35% of them believe that it is the responsibility of the employer, 25% of the respondents believe that it should be borne by the tax payer.

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