Restricting Air Travel Is The Only Way To Prevent Air Pollution | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Restricting air travel is the only way to prevent air pollution. Do you agree?

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Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people believe that the only method to reduce the air pollution is to limit the number of flights. I do not agree with this viewpoint. In my opinion limiting the number of flights may reduce the air pollution to some extent; however, other measures such as regulating the use of various private modes of transportation such as motorized vehicles and creating awareness about the appalling affects of air pollution can be more fruitful.

To begin with, it is undeniable that airplanes cause air pollution as they produce a huge amount of carbon dioxide which causes a lot of pollution in the atmosphere and leads to global warming. For example, it is estimated by Green Peace that up to 13,000 tonnes of CO2 is released into the atmosphere every year by planes, thus increasing the carbon footprint in the air. Although it is possible to control this pollution by reducing the frequency of flights, it will not fully solve the problem, because the majority of pollutants in the air do not come from aircrafts and as such it cannot be considered the number one cause of air contamination.

By contrast, the major cause of air pollution is the emission of poisonous gases by motor vehicles and factories. There are millions of cars on the roads and the vast majority of them run on fossil fuels which cause the emission of dangerous gases. Factories also release obnoxious gases into the atmosphere and reduce air quality. Therefore, limiting the use of such polluting means of transport can be a better solution to mitigate the effect of air pollution. Also factories should be moved from cities to sparsely populated areas. Additionally, the state should educate people about the dangers of polluting the air that we breathe in and encourage them to use non-polluting modes such as bicycles and walking for short distances.

In conclusion, although restricting airways can lessen the air pollution, it is not the perfect solution. Pollution is caused by a number of factors and aircrafts just one of them. Hence, restricting air travel is not the right solution to air pollution.

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2 Responses

  1. pharmacist says:

    It is argued that prohibiting the flights is the only way we have to prevent air pollution. While I admit that flight emissions are one of the biggest contributions to pollutions, I believe that other pollutant factors are also important to take into consideration.

    I accept that dwindling air trips can improve air quality. Fossil fuels which are used as propelling force in airplanes can emit carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide into the air and lead to air pollution. by restricting flights, the carbon effects of this kind of huge transportation system will reduce to a great deal. The government has to take some steps here. For example, some restricting laws could be enforced to reduce the number of daily flights to only some urgent air travels.
    On the other hand, I opine that we cannot have clean air just by prohibiting airlines. Some other measures have to be done in order to accomplish the dream of clean weather. To begin with, we can educate people about their carbon footprints. By teaching them, they will learn how different would be the quality of the air we breathe if we just left behind our cars and simply use the public transportation system like bus or taxi. Secondly, the government should introduce laws requiring people to use hybrid cars instead of petroleum-based cars. Hybrid cars use water instead of fuels so they produce and emit water vapor and they do not contribute to greenhouse gases. For example, The French government rose the petrol price to make people use hybrid cars and I think that would be a great help to air pollution in the years ahead.

    In conclusion, I think that restricting air travels is a good idea but not sufficient to eradicate pollution problems. Other measures including proper education plans and hybrid cars technology might help to a great extent.

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