Restricting Air Travel Is The Only Way To Prevent Air Pollution | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Restricting air travel is the only way to prevent air pollution. Do you agree?

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Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Air travel is considered to be one of the main causes of air pollution. Some people believe that reducing the number of flights is the only way to address the problem. I completely disagree with that belief because aeroplanes are not the biggest polluters. Of course, they pollute but reducing their frequency is unlikely to have any real impact on air quality.

Decreasing the frequencies of aeroplanes is unlikely to help because the fewer planes that are still flying will continue to emit fumes. This means air pollution will still occur. In addition, if flights are not avavilable, people who use domestic airlines to travel within the country will be tempted to use their car. Cars, especially, those running on fossil fuels cause considerable pollution. In other words, air pollution levels will remain more or less the same even if air travel is restricted

What’s more, other causes of air pollution such as factories and automobiles will continue to emit harmful gases into the atmosphere. As a result, the decline in the number of airplanes will not prevent air pollution. For instance, according to Green Peace, the airplanes contribute to about 33% of air pollution and other factors such as industries and vehicles contribute to 35% and 30% respectively. Therefore, decreasing the number of flights will not prevent air-pollution as other factors will remain unaffected by that step.

In conclusion, I completely disagree with the argument that the restriction of air travel is will improve air quality because aeroplanes are not the only source of air pollution. If other factors such as the burning of fossil fuels continue unabated, we will not see any real improvement in air quality even if we reduce the number of flights.

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