Researching And Treating Diseases Is Too Costly | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

“Prevention is better than cure.” Researching and treating diseases is too costly so it would be better to invest in preventive measures. To what extent do you agree?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

It is believed by many people that it is better to take preventive measures than to treat diseases as it is quite expensive. I agree with this statement because if preventive measures are taken on time there are fewer chances of complications and hence both money and lives can be saved.

People are less conscious about their health and as a result they end up having health problems. Hospitals charge immense amount of money due to which people are afraid of getting hospitalized. In order to avoid medical expense, people should be aware of their unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking and eating fast food. Once self-awareness is generated, lifestyle modifications such as healthy diet and fitness programs can be adopted which can decrease the chances of falling sick.

Various diseases are curable at home if taken care of. Mild medical problems such as muscle pain and joint pain can be treated at home easily by home remedies.  Hence, it is necessary to take any signs and symptoms seriously and act upon them as early as possible under medical supervision. One evident benefit of doing so is reducing the expense. Moreover, the severity of the disease can be reduced and thus lives can be saved.

To sum up, preventive measures can make a huge difference in saving a life. In other words, it is better to act before hand than to regret later. Life is priceless and therefore people should take their health seriously as this practice can save their time and money.

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