Recently, Many People Know Only A Few Of Their Neighbours | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Recently, many people know only a few of their neighbors. What is the cause of this problem? What can be done to solve this problem? Give reasons for your answer and any example from your own experience.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Nowadays, many people are less interested in maintaining any friendly relation with their neighbors. The face to face interaction and the sense of brotherhood have been diminishing since the emergence of the sophisticated life and hi-tech culture. This essay will briefly look into some of its causes and suggest some solutions.

Firstly, today’s young generations are well educated and they prefer to migrate to the metros for their livelihood because of this their neighbors are strangers to them. The majority of people do not show the interest to build a sudden relationship with strangers. Apart from this, the cultural and language difference are also a factor of concern when it comes to interaction among the neighbors. Moreover, people are so busy with their work schedule; most of them leave home early in the morning and reach late at the night so they generally do not have enough time to interact with the neighbors. Another reason is the addiction to electronic media. These days, many people spend much of their free time on social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram.

However, this is an unhealthy development and may lead to various social and psychological problems. In order to tackle this, everyone should understand that their neighbors would be more helpful than their closest relatives in case of an emergency situation at their homes. People must reduce the usage of social media which are full of virtual friends and should rather focus on building harmonious relation with their neighbors. People residing in metros should form some clubs to integrate with other people coming from the same state/region as them.

In my own experience I have witnessed that in a funeral service at an apartment in a metro city there were hardly ten to fifteen people. Most of the neighbors in that housing colony were clueless about what happened in that home.

To conclude, we should consider the fact that neighbors can be more helpful to us than our nearest relatives in certain situations and we must build good relation with them.

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3 Responses

  1. Sound says:

    Now a days people don’t really interact with their neighbors. In my opinion two main factors contributing to it are migration and technology. Migration has moved people apart and technology has brought virtual people together. Of late it’s is quite fashionable to befriend a stranger on Facebook rather than the neighbor.

    Earlier when there were no Air conditioners, phones and X-boxes people would spend more time outdoors interacting and playing with their neighbors. Many lived in the same neighborhood for generations together making them akin to family. But now people frequently relocate for work ending up with strangers from different parts of the country. Also modern flats and gated community population are migrants. With hectic work schedules and vacations planned to hometown months ahead they hardly have time for neighbors. After few or zero interactions ones neighbor becomes D13 old couple, D14 doesn’t speak my tongue, D15 owns a fancy car that’s all no more no less.

    To substantiate my views, let me share my personal experience. Recently my neighbor meet with a fatal accident. Everyone from our gated community crowd funded for his surgery. When a similar incident happened in my childhood, on top of providing financial support my mother would cook for their children and take care of them.

    Hence, as an individual we should make the first move, break the ice and spread the warmth by extending a friendly arm to that old couple, indulging with people who are so different from us but live so close to us.

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