Raise And Rise | Commonly Confused Words

The verbs raise and rise are often confused.

Raise is a transitive verb. That means it is followed by an object. Raise means to lift something or to grow something.

  • All those who support the resolution should raise their hands. (= should lift their hands)
  • It is easy to raise tomatoes. (= It is easy to grow tomatoes.)

Rise is an intransitive verb. It does not take an object.

To rise is to get up on your own or to grow higher.

  • The sun rises in the east.
  • The temperature never rose above zero degrees.
  • The students rose from their seats when the teacher entered the class room.
  • The batter won’t rise unless you add yeast.

Raise can also mean rear or bring up.

  • The boy was reared / raised / brought up by his aunt.

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