Punishment Is Necessary To Help Children Learn The Distinction Between Right And Wrong | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

It is important for children to learn what is right and what is wrong at an early age. Punishment is necessary to help them learn the distinction. To what extent do you agree? What sort of punishment should be given?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

It is crucial for children to understand the difference between positive and negative activities from childhood itself. While some opine that punishment is the best deterrent to negative behaviour, I personally believe that it leads to depression in children and should be avoided. Other methods such as counselling and reward based programs are better at reforming the the behaviour of any teen.

Undeniably, children make mistakes in their life because they are exploring the world. So, it is the responsibility of the parents to guide their children on the right path and prevent them from any wrong activity. In many countries, punishment has been serving as a method for many years to teach a child. However, punishment distances children from their parents because they may become afraid of them and start to treat them as enemies. With no proper dialogue with their parents, it is highly probable that children will not share their emotions and it may result in depression or other serious mental health issues.

Apart from punishment, there are numerous ways to teach a child. To start with, counselling has been proven to be an effective tool for helping teenagers to understand the difference between positive and negative activities. Moreover, proper counselling teaches them about the effect of wrong activities on their future and thus they learn to avoid them. Additionally, reward based disciplinary activities are a positive way to teach a child. In this program, a reward is given to the child after he completes a certain activity. A prime example of this is Sweden, which has implemented this program in their schools and the results were promising.

In conclusion, it may appear that punishment is the only method to teach a child about wrong and right; however counselling and reward based programs are more successful because they prevent children from developing depression.

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  1. Ali Murthuza says:

    Some people think that computers are more of a hindrance than a help in today’s society. Others believe that they are such indispensable tools that they would not be able to live or work without them. Discuss both opinions and give your opinion.

    In recent years, the world we live in is dominated by digital technology devices and the internet has brought a significant change in our daily lives. While some claim that computers are more of an obstacle than an aid to the community whereas others opine that it is highly difficult to lead a life without it. This essay will discuss both views. In my opinion, this situation offers more benefits than difficulties.

    Undoubtedly, there are various factors that cause adverse ramifications to society. Firstly, nowadays most of the young minds are addicted to unnecessary websites such as adult videos and so on. To exemplify, as per the recent research conducted in the metro cities of a nation revealed that sexual harassment is conducted by youths who watched pornography daily. Secondly, online crime is dramatically increasing which leads to a greater loss to the public. Also, children are intended to wear glasses due to the larger amount of time has been spent in front of systems.

    Nevertheless, in spite of the above-mentioned fact. It is also true that it is impossible to make a living without these electronic devices such as personal computers, mobile phones, iPad, and many more. First of all, during the higher studies, almost all the students use laptops for their studies and dissertation project. Besides that, the fast-paced working environment is also in need of systems for their daily tasks to be accomplished. For instance, a recent survey conducted among hardware companies which states that 95 % of the computers are purchased for office work. Finally, the internet has revolutionized the way we communicate because online video calling is the most followed method to reach people at the click of a button.

    In conclusion, although digital technology has got negative consequences, it is irrefutable that no one can imagine a life without these tools as it offers more benefits as well. To reinstate my opinion, it is up to an individual and a society to understand and adopt the advantages that computers have offered.

    • Manjusha Nambiar says:

      Your content is okay. Grammar needs improvement. Please post your essays under the appropriate topics. This seems band 6.5 to me.

  2. Dany says:

    It is necessary to teach chidren the difference between right and wrong at a very younger age. Some people believe that punishment is the best way to achieve this. This essay shall delve into this and shall arrive at a conclusion that counselling and encouraging children while doing right things through gifts are the best ways to help children learn the differences between good and bad, rather than punishing.

    Nowadays, with the advancements of technology in every walk of life, children are exposed to all sorts of news and activities across the world. Eventually, this makes the children difficult to differentiate between good and bad. Therefore, it is essential for the elderly to teach them what is right and what is wrong. However, if parents punish their child they may feel embarrassed and eventually affect their bonding. Additionally, children may develop symptoms of depression due to the fear of punishment. For instance, a kid who got punished may treat his parent as enemy.

    On the other hand, when a parent rewards a child for doing a right thing, even without understanding the intricate reasons for that reward, a child will keep on repeating the same to get more gifts. Furthermore, child will feel more cared and loved while doing good things. In the same way, parents can deter children from doing wrong things for the fear of losing their lovely gifts. For example, a study conducted by an international school suggests that students will follow the path which they feel as rewarding.

    To conclude, it is recommended to guide children at the early stages of their life, to differentiate right and wrong things. Though, parents have been trying to teach children about the difference of doing right and wrong through punishments, it can have more detrimental effects including mental depression than benefits. However, adopting counselling or reward rograms can be more beneficial in achieving this.

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