Public Libraries Provide A Large Collection Of Books To Read |Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Public libraries provide a large collection of books to read. Some people argue that they should also provide other hi-tech facilities like computers, internet, CDs and DVDs. Do you agree or disagree with the statement?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Unquestionably, public libraries provide a plethora of books to their users. According to some people, libraries should introduce technologies like computers and the internet to make them more useful to their users. I fully agree with this view.

There are many reasons why hi-tech facilities ought to be a part of our libraries. Firstly, people visit these libraries to read books and gain knowledge. Many a time they do not get the adequate resources. In these situations, the internet can serve as a boon for these users because they can find any kinds of information by using this technology. Secondly, technology can help us in optimizing the physical space of these libraries because we can store a large number of books on / a large amount of content on hard disks. This ability to store books in the digital format also eliminates the need to buy too many printed copies. This helps cut costs. Also, it is beneficial for the environment.

Another advantage of making internet facilities available in libraries is that they enable readers to access the latest information. Information in books can be outdated. In this case, new editions need to be brought out. This is not the case with information on the internet. It is updated on a regular basis. This is particularly beneficial for students preparing for various examinations. They need reliable information regarding dates and other such details. They cannot always find this in books.

To sum up, I fully support the argument that libraries should be equipped with computers and internet. A library is a place for accessing knowledge and today the biggest source of knowledge is the internet. Hence, there is no justification for not digitalizing our libraries.

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