Protecting wild animals is a waste of resources


Some argue that today’s advancement has rendered wild animals redundant as we do no need to depend on them for a balanced living ecosystem, and hence we do not need to protect such animals. In my opinion, this self-righteous attitude would lead to potential threat to the lifecycle on earth. That said, I disagree with wasting excessive amount of resources to protect certain animals; human beings should always take priority.

Day in and day out, scientific findings are revealing the interdependence between earth’s living organisms. It is very dangerous to believe that we can survive by sacrificing any of the lives on earth, where they are humans, animals or plants. For example, if cats were to suddenly become extinct, there is a high probability that there will be a sudden increase in the number of bugs that cats feed on. This may introduce new challenges for humans due to the potential viruses these bugs will spread or the agricultural damage they will cause. Moreover, recent research evidences show that some wild animals have skills that can complement our lives. For example, dogs can smell passengers to detect illegal items. Therefore, interfering with animals’ ecosystems will have adverse effects on the lives of all living beings on earth.

However, we need not invest excessively in protecting certain organisms. Instead, all we need to do is to remain vigilant of how our activities affect the existence of other creatures and if our activities are justified. For example, using animals to produce cosmetics, which also have long term negative effect on women’s skin, is obviously not a prudent move. However, using mice to experiment new drugs is okay because it is contributing to saving human lives, which I believe is a priority.

In short, protecting all living creatures is essential, but humans take precedence over animals. Indeed, unnecessary interference in animal’s ecosystem may also affect humans in the long run.


This is an excellent essay. There are very few mistakes in it. The arguments are quite convincing and the structure is correct. Overall, this seems to be a band 8 essay.

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