Production of Geothermal Energy

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The diagram illustrates the processes involved in the production of electricity from geothermal energy and water. Overall, it is a fairly simple process to understand. The cold water is heated to produce steam. This steam is then used to power the generator which in turn produces electricity. The process starts with cold water being pumped below the ground into the injection well. About 4.5 km below the Earth’s surface lies the geothermal zone, which is basically a layer of hot rocks. The cold water is allowed to flow over these hot rocks so that it gets heated. This hot water is then stored in the production well, from where, it is pumped back up to the ground level to reach the condenser. The hot water is then converted to steam which is allowed to flow into a chamber containing the turbine and the generator. The hot steam rotates the turbine which powers the generator to produce electricity. This electricity is then transferred over to the electric grid from where it is supplied to homes and offices.

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