Prevention Is Better Than Cure | IELTS Essay Sample

“Prevention is better than cure”. Researching and treating diseases is too costly so it would be better to invest in preventive measures. To what extent do you agree?

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Band 6.5 IELTS essay sample

Though a fair number of people hold the opinion ‘Prevention is better than cure’, I strongly disagree with the statement. Initially this essay will discuss the benefits of investing in medical research and later on it will explain the consequences of having invested in preventive measures.

Nowadays, the government is investing large amount of money in other sectors, researching being an exception. Society can reap lot of benefits if the amount is devoted on research and development sector. To illustrate, Arthritis which is commonly seen in later stages of life both in men and women cannot be prevented, because the problem might be due to the individual role that he/she plays in his/her daily routine. Investing money in technology that can provide an alternative to reduce the pain of Arthritis can help the individual from being bed ridden or depending on other family members in order perform their basic daily needs. In addition to this, many of the diseases are unpredictable. So investing in research in predicting the Virus trends and able find have the vaccine beforehand can save lot of lives. The best example is COVID-19.

However, preventive measures cannot be the solution for dealing with all types diseases and can cost too much to the ruling authority. For example, COVID-19, government is investing crores of rupees for preventing COVID-19 and was not successful enough in reducing the impact of virus. This has not only increased the mortality rate but also dropped the GDP rate of the nation drastically. So investing is preventive measures does not serve the purpose all the time.

In conclusion, just because it is too expensive in spending money on research we cannot ignore the consequences of not holding the alternative or a vaccine that provide relief and save the people lives. Nothing is expensive when compared to one’s life. So it is more important to invest in research than in preventive measures. Thus, I totally disagree with the statement.

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