Post School Qualifications Of Men And Women in Australia | Band 8 IELTS Report Sample

The chart below shows the different levels of post-school qualifications in Australia and the proportion of men and women who held them in 1999.
Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

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Band 8 IELTS report sample

IELTS Academic Writing task 1

The bar graph gives information about the percentage of men and women in Australia who had post-school qualifications in 1999. Overall, more males had skilled vocational diploma, post graduate diploma and master’s degree than females, whereas the proportion of females with undergraduate diploma and Bachelor’s degree was higher than that of men with these degrees.

Around 90% of men had skilled vocational diploma as opposed to only 10% of women who had this diploma. While 70% of males had post graduate diploma only 30% of females possessed the same qualification in 1999. By contrast, around 70% of females held undergraduate diploma and this figure was twice as much as that of males (35%) who possessed this qualification. Similarly, the proportion of females with Bachelor’s degree was slightly higher than the proportion of males with the same degree. There were around 55% of females with Bachelor’s degree while around 48% of males had this degree.

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4 Responses

  1. Tannu says:

    The chart gives information about the five major qualifications in Australia of men and women had in 1999.

    The highest percentage of men in skilled vocational diploma was (90%) .In contrast, the percentage of women who had same qualification was lowest (10%).

    Furthermore, In case of undergraduate diploma and bachelor’s degree the proportion of females was highest as compare to males .
    The proportion of females was highest who had undergraduate diploma (70%),while the proportion of males was lowest (just over 30%).

    The percentage of women was highest , as compare to males who had bachelor’s degree (50% and just over 40% respectively).

    In case of, post-graduate diploma holder’s The percentage of males was highest than females ( 70% and 30% respectively).
    Likewise, the figure for those who held Master’s degree was highest in males (60%) than females (40%).

    Overall, the chart indicates that, proportion of male was more in post-school qualifications.

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