Poor Students Find It Difficult To Get University Education | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people from poor and rural backgrounds find it difficult to get a university education. Universities should make it easier for such groups to enrol. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

University education has become a luxury for people from poor and rural backgrounds. I believe that universities ought to help these people by making it easy for them to get admission. This would help to improve the economy of a country and help the individual to secure a better job.

Well educated individuals can act as a catalyst to enrich the economy of a country. Education is one of the basic building blocks for the upliftment of the society. More educated individuals means more innovative minds. However, not everyone can realize their full potential with only primary and secondary education, whereas university education could pave the way to attain superior knowledge. For instance, a research conducted by the Boston Consulting says that a country’s economy is directly proportional to the literacy rate. So, universities ought to make the enrollment process easier for students from rural areas by eliminating complicated processes.

Tertiary education can help a person to get a lucrative job, whereas elementary education can only help an individual to secure a menial job. With the advancement in technology our jobs have become more demanding than ever. A highly skilled workforce is required to work on cutting edge technologies. If a person does not have a university education, it will be difficult for him or her to get into a high paying job or work in sophisticated environments. Furthermore, people from poor background cannot afford university education so universities should provide scholarships for their betterment

To recapitulate, I believe that without a university education it would be difficult for a person to secure a well-paid job and contribute to the economy. Hence, universities ought to make the enrolment process easier, especially, for the underprivileged students by ensuring that the bar is not set too high.

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4 Responses

  1. saranya says:

    Nowadays ,procuring admissions for third level education is the pressing issue,especially for the impoverished and socially backward people .some opine that in order to combat this ,Universities ought to take some steps to make the admission process easier .I completely agree with this opinion that universities must take the responsibility of these destitute admittance .This essay will discuss my opinion with examples ;followed by a reasoned conclusion.
    Firstly , It is irrefutable fact that choosing to study higher education is to become economically stable.However ,getting into these colleges require a huge sum of money,which only rich afford to pay.Universities must understand these crisis among economically deprived people and lesson their tution fee.For example, in delhi ,the capital of india ,universities has reduced their admission fee for the well qualified students by having entrance exams.As a result ,it not only supported the individuals by providing platform to prove their talents but also improved the society with more talented and educated people.
    Secondly,there is a growing consensus that to provide easy access to the college either by arranging transport facility or constructing universities in accessible locations,.This is to say that many uneducated parents are afraid of sending their kids, especially girls to far away locations to study as there are growing social evils such as rape, eve-teasing etc .so by providing amenities such as buses ,would help them pursue their passion.As a matter of fact,I personally encountered this restrictions of not permitting to go far way colleges due to the poor transportation facilities of the university .this demonstrates that the universities must come up with good transportation facilities in order to make the education system available even to country side people.
    To recapitulate,I firmly believe that the universities must ensure to make the education available for poor by furnishing transportation and diminishing the admission fee.This not only provide benefits for individuals but also for the welfare of the society .

  2. Rose says:

    Nowadays, university education has become a form of commercial business.it is often thought by many that students who come from low economic background and rural communities certainly face many challenges during their enrollment time in reputed Universities. However, I would completely agree with those who opine that tertiary education centres should revive the policies which avail such people get admission without having any trouble.

    To begin, Firstly, it is not surprising that many tertiary education centres reserved seats for students who come from affluent family because they pay huge amount of money but rather than following this concept universities should allot seats for students come from impoverished family with higher grades. In other words, most of students from poor family and rural background face many issues while getting admission.so universities should deliberately reserve some seats for those who could not pay the fees. For instance, a recent survey conducted in Kuvempu University shows that seventy percent of Seats are allocated for rural students with good score. so this would be a great idea to make university admission easier for students.

    Secondly, universities should not demand from rural students to get higher academic scores from thier previous classes. in other words many tertiary education centres demanded that students should have higher than 60 percentage from their previous class. for instance in Mumbai, KVM universities allowed rural students admission for engineering courses who secured more than sixty percent in physical and chemistry. So this is a rediculous policy they must drop out. Thus students can get easier admission in such institutions.

    To conclude, undoubtedly, university education become more luxurious for countryside side people who come from nonaffiliated family. I agree that universities should reverse places and they should not demand and consider thier scores that they achieved. This might make more easier to get enrolled in tertiary education centres.

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