Plastic Bags Should Be Banned | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

In many countries plastic shopping bags are the main type of rubbish. They cause water and land pollution, so they should be banned. To what extent do you agree?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

Plastic carry bags form a major chunk of garbage in most countries. They pose a great threat to the environment. Therefore, there is a general consensus that there must be a legal ban on these items. I completely agree with this view.

To begin with, over the last few decades there has been a dramatic increase in the use of plastic bags. They are used everywhere from grocery shops to shopping malls. Most of the times, these bags are not properly disposed. This has led to the contamination of land and water bodies. Furthermore, these plastic wastes are non-biodegradable; hence they remain in the environment for an indefinite period of time. They also pose a great risk to all the animals and fishes that might feed on them. Overall, plastic is a source of hazard for the ecosystem.

Plastic is a versatile material and that is the reason for its popularity. It is cheap and lightweight. It can be used to package a variety of items including liquids. The only way to reduce the use of plastic carry bags is to enforce a strict ban on them. For instance, many cities in India have already prohibited the use of plastic carry bags. This forces people to turn to alternative materials such as bio-degradable or jute bags. This wouldn’t have happened unless stringent laws were passed. Therefore, plastic ban by law is inevitable.

In conclusion, plastic wastes are accumulating all around the globe and posing a great threat to the flora and fauna. However, this vexing problem can be controlled by placing a legal ban on plastic bags.

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2 Responses

  1. karni Singh says:

    Plastic carry bags are not only the major component of garbage but also the biggest cause of environmental pollution in many territories. Therefore, there is a general consensus that the Plastic must be banned legally. I totally agree on this viewpoint.
    People are techno chauvinist these days and they believe the invention of plastic is a boom for society. However, they do not dispose these used plastic bags in a proper way. Hence, it creates environmental pollution. For instance, in the Ganga , every year 10 tonnes of plastic bags can be seen floating on water. Because of the plastic component in water, it becomes non-potable. Government is investing a huge amount of money to filter this water and to make this consumable. This is just a waste of money but the government is doing this to save the water: a limited resource. Therefore, the government should ban the use of plastic bags to save the limited resources.
    On the other side, plastic carry bags have versatile use while talking about shopping: from mall to a grocery shop. They are a use and throw material. People use the plastic bags in different ways and throw it anywhere on land. Plastic is non Bio-degradable item and cannot be recycled. Hence , it plays a main role in polluting lands. Moreover, when it mixes with the other ingredients in the soil, its chemical composition makes the soil infertile. The result of infertility of soil has been seen in many areas where the production of crops is decreasing gradually. Therefore, plastic use should be banned to save our ecosystem.
    To conclude, Plastic as a component of garbage is accumulating all over the globe and posing a threat to the environment. Hence, the best way to protect our planet is the replacement of plastic bags with paperbags or jute bags and the complete ban on it overall.

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