Plastic Bags, Plastic Bottles And Plastic Packaging Are Bad For The Environment | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Plastic bags, plastic bottles and plastic packaging are bad for the environment. What damage does plastic do to the environment? What can be done by governments and individuals to solve this problem?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

It is an irrefutable fact that plastic has a detrimental effect on the environment. It pollutes land and water and affects the fertility of the soil. Limiting the use of plastic is by far the most effective way to reduce its impact on the planet.

To begin with, plastic bags, bottles and packaging materials are non-biodegradable and remain in the environment for a long time. Due to this / Because of this it pollutes the soil and air and leads to life threatening diseases. When plastic packaging gets mixed with soil, it affects the breathability of the soil and hurts its fertility. In addition, if plastic waste reaches water bodies, aquatic animals may choke on it and die. Sometimes, people burn plastic to get rid of it and this process releases poisonous gases into the air. Thus, the use of plastic can lead to disastrous effects like air, water and soil pollution as well as transmission of diseases among animals and humans.

Limiting the use of plastic is the most effective way to mitigate this issue. There should be blanket ban on the use of plastic materials. As the government is the main ruling body, it can implement stringent rules and punishments on the use of plastic materials. Moreover, the cooperation of people is equally important.. They should use paper or cloth bags to avoid plastic packaging. In addition to this, people should start recycling and reusing materials.

In conclusion, continuous use of plastic can lead to irreversible environmental damage. Hence, until scientists manage to invent biodegradable plastic, the only solution we have is to limit the use of plastic.

Plastic bags, plastic bottles and plastic packaging are bad for the environment – Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Using plastic-based products is so common due to our specific lifestyle. It can make life on earth impossible since it hurts the eco-system. Both governments and individuals have to play their roles to solve this problem.

The excessive consumption of plastic products containing toxic chemicals causes detrimental effects on the ecosystem and would finally disturb the food chain. In other words, the improper disposal of plastics pollutes the soil and its burning leads to the release of harmful chemicals. When the tiny bits of plastics reach oceans, they are eaten by sea animals that either choke on them or develop digestive problems and die.

Those in power can introduce legislation that can be so effective. In other words, if policy makers enforce laws that fine households and businesses that do not recycle plastic waste, people will reduce their consumption of plastics. For instance, laws can be enforced that prevent the sale of single-use plastics. In addition, they can launch advertising campaigns and educational programs on social platforms to encourage an eco-friendly lifestyle. If the general public were better educated, they might cut down on using plastics by recycling.

Although governments have a greater responsibility to invest in eco-friendly solutions, these projects will not be successful if individuals do not act responsibly. To illustrate, they can use reusable or biodegradable shopping bags instead of plastic carry bags. If householders do not buy packaged or canned food, it would contribute to preserving the environment.

In conclusion, as mentioned above, if we keep using plastic bags, the damages to the whole ecosystem are unrecoverable. The government and individuals need to be proactive by taking appropriate measures to save the environment.

Plastic bags, plastic bottles and plastic packaging are bad for environment – Band 8 IELTS essay sample

These days the items made of plastic such as bottles and packaging are becoming a huge threat to our environment. These non biodegradable materials have detrimental effects on the fertility of soil and purity of air as well as water. Authorities and people should take stern steps like banning the use and manufacturing of plastic items as well as implementing the concept of reduce and reuse.

To start with, the prime damaging effect of plastic on our surroundings is that it reduces the productivity of soil. Being a water resistant material, plastic prevents the rain water from seeping into the ground. Thereby, it reduces the level of moisture much needed for the fruit fullness of soil and turns the land into barren.

Furthermore, it takes hundreds of years for a single plastic bottle to decompose in our ecosystem. Therefore, to get rid of the heaps of plastic waste, people generally burn the domestic and industrial non degradable waste, and this process emits extremely harmful gases namely carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide. These gases deteriorate the quality of air and accelerate the air pollution by increasing the percentage of minute particles. In addition, the chemicals in the plastic products often reach water bodies and affect the quality of water. This results in the devastation of marine wildlife and vegetation.

To resolve the issues caused by plastic products on our ecosystem / environment, the government should issue strict guidelines like banning the utilisation of single use plastic as well as its manufacturing. Owing to these measures, the presence of unwanted material will automatically decrease in our surroundings. Gradually, the quality of air, soil and water will improve. Similarly, people should apply the policy of reducing and reusing the material. If people use carry bags made of cloth instead of plastic, it will prove as a turning point in protecting / saving our ecosystem. Also people should adopt the habit of reusing and recycling the products available to them. In other words, joint efforts of the administration and citizens are required to bring about a drastic change.

To conclude, plastic pollutes air, water and soil and thus harms our environment in so many ways. Collective efforts of the government and the public are required to control the use and abuse of plastic.

Plastic bags, plastic bottles and plastic packaging are bad for the environment – Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Recyclable materials such as plastic bags and bottles have drastic negative effects, and they are unhealthy for the nature. This man-made waste has huge ramifications for the environment but the most affected ones are the aquatic animals. Plastic also hurts soil fertility and clogs sewers. Hence, the government must prohibit the dumping of plastic waste in water bodies.

To start with, because plastic is readily used in our society, it is becoming quite challenging to restrict or reduce the usage of plastic; therefore, the water ecosystem is suffering due to this development. When plastic gets into ocean bodies, aquatic animals often choke on them. Plastic also causes the clogging of sewage lines. During torrential rains, this clogging prevents water from draining and thus causes flood like situations in cities. Plastic hurts the soil fertility too. As it takes thousands of years to decompose, it remains in soil for a very long time. And when plastic bags containing food are left behind in forests by careless tourists, animals may eat them and then develop infections.

To resolve this issue, governments should make people aware of the consequences of plastic pollution. Perhaps the most important solution is to strictly ban the use of single use plastic. The government also needs to promote other eco-friendly means of packaging. Nobody is buying plastic because they love it. In most cases, this is because there are no alternatives.

To conclude, plastic waste is injurious to the environment, and it is making survival difficult for endangered water and wild animals. It also affects soil fertility and thus hurt food production. In urban areas plastic may also cause flooding by clogging sewage lines.

Plastic bags, plastic bottles and plastic packaging are bad for the environment – Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

No doubt, the world today is struggling to deal with plastic products because they have a devastating effect on Mother Nature. This essay will discuss the damages caused by the plastic on our environment and possible solutions to tackle this dire situation.

Plastic products have wreaked havoc on our planet. To begin with, every year, we dump millions of tons of plastic waste into the oceans and this practice hurts sea life. Thousands of fish are dying every day by ingesting these toxic plastic bottles and wrappers. Moreover, people recklessly burn plastic waste which emits poisonous gases into our environment. Studies have shown that there is a dramatic increase in cases of respiratory problems among children and it can be attributed to pollution generated by the burnt plastic waste. Hence, plastic products like bottles, bags and packaging material are exceedingly dangerous for our environment.

However, there are many ways to deal with this concern / with this grave situation. The government ought to start penalising the commercial establishments or individuals who are found burning discarded plastic material. A hefty fine will deter the society from damaging our environment. Besides this, individuals should start using the environment friendly jute bag, instead of plastic bags. In my office, we have started using the glass bottles and stopped using the plastic bottles for the sake of protecting our environment. Thus, the government and individual should go hand in hand to protect our environment from the plastic products.

In conclusion, undoubtedly, plastic products are damaging our environment at a very fast pace. However, the government and people can control this difficult situation by using the reusable products and imposing fines on law breakers.

Plastic bags, plastic bottles and plastic packaging are bad for environment – Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

With the passage of time, more and more people use plastic bags, plastic bottles and plastic folding which can cause detrimental effect on our environment. In the upcoming paragraphs, I shall highlight some adverse outcomes of the excessive use of plastic on our ecosystem and provide some practical measures that can help to resolve this problem.

It is irrefutable that the development of technology brought a number of positive outcomes to our lives but at the same time there are some negative consequences too. Most of the people are unaware of the effects of plastic on the whole ecosystem. Individuals litter around by throwing hand bags and flexible bottles on the roads and later on this garbage is disposed into the oceans and seas. This leads to deleterious outcomes for marine animals and underwater species. Additionally, the decaying rate of the plastic is very slow and it takes even hundreds of years to decay and in the end the effects still remain on the soil. As a result, the fertility of the soil reduces.

Solutions are not simple but with the aid of government and individuals, effects of these problems can be reduced. Firstly, people should be made aware of the impact of plastic on the environment. This can be done with the help of TV ads and street posters. Actors and influencers can act as a role model to solve this problem as youngsters follow their favorite heroes. Secondly, the government should allocate funds for installing dust bins on the streets and local parks. These measures help to combat these issues. Last but not least, local people should be encouraged to use cloth bags to reduce plastic usage. For example, United Arab Emirates has made the policy of charging one dirham for plastic bags to discourage people from using it.

In a nutshell, plastic can have harmful effect on the environment as well as on future generation. Some quick measures can be taken with the help of both government and individuals to combat this problem.

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