Plastic Bags, Plastic Bottles And Plastic Packaging Are Bad For Environment. What Damage Does Plastic Do To The Environment | Band 6.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Plastic bags, plastic bottles and plastic packaging are bad for environment. What damage does plastic do to the environment? What can be done by governments and individuals to solve this problem?

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Band 6.5 IELTS essay sample

With the passage of time, more and more people use plastic bags, plastic bottles and plastic folding which can cause detrimental effect on our environment. In the upcoming paragraphs, I shell highlight some adverse outcomes of the excessive plastic on our ecosystem and provide some practical measure that can help to resolve this problem.

It is irrefutable that the development of technology brought number of positive outcomes to our us but at the mean time there are some negative consequence. Most of the people are unaware about the effects of plastic on the whole ecosystem. Individual litter the environment by throwing hand bags and flexible bottles on the roads and later on this garbage is disposed into the ocean and sea areas. This bring deleterious outcomes to marine animals and underwater species. Additionally, the decaying rate of the plastic is very slow and even it takes hundreds of years to decay and at the end the effects still remains on the soil. As a result, the fertility of the soil also damages with the overuse of plastic.

Solutions are not simple but with the aid of government and individuals, effects of these problems can be reduced. Firstly, locals should be made aware about the impact of plastic on the environment. This can be done with the help of TV ads and street posters. Actors and influencers can play as a role model to solve this problem as youngsters follow their favorite heroes. Secondly, government should allocate funds for dust bin availability on the streets and local parks. This can bring a dramatic result to combat these issues. For instance, in the developed countries there are number of specific dust bins like plastic, glass, metal, paper that are used on the daily bases for garbage storing and later they are disposed to the specific areas. Last but not the least, local people should be encouraged to use clothing handbags to reduce plastic usage. For example, United Arab Emirates has made the policy of charging one dirham in supermarkets for the plastic bag to discourage people of using it.

In a nutshell, plastic can have harmful effect on the environment as well as on future generation. Some quick measures can be taken with the help of both government and individuals to combat these problems.

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