Plagiarism In Academics Has Become A Pressing Problem In Many Countries Today | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Plagiarism in academics has become a pressing problem in many countries today. What are the causes of this problem? What are some possible solutions?

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Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Research is considered as a pivotal part of academics especially in professional courses, which ultimately led to many inventions in various fields, the world over. However, in this contemporary era, a major problem that many academic institutions all over the world face is plagiarism. This essay delves into various causes of plagiarism and suggests some solutions to curb the menace.

To begin with, the internet has been considered as the greatest invention of the last century, which in-turn aid the mankind in every possible way. However, students these days are becoming lazy and, also they are reluctant to check the facts that are available on the internet. As a result, a perilous copy-paste culture is developing among youths. Owing to this, students try to copy their assignments, thesis and so on from the internet and they seldom check for plagiarism. The existence of paid publications is another factor contributing to plagiarism. For example, in the majority of the professional courses, it is compulsory for students to publish their research work in journals. Students submit their work to these publications which do not check the authenticity of the paper and get it published by paying a fee. The lack of commitment on the part of project leaders who are supposed to guide the students is another reason for academic plagiarism. We can find a great gap between the recommended research methodology and the actual method that students follow these days.

To overcome these problems, firstly, proper guidance should be given to students about the wise use of the internet for research activities and, also they should be motivated to refer reliable text books from libraries instead of simply copying the content from the internet. Secondly, identifying and banning mercenary journals would be a great idea to overcome the issue of plagiarism. For instance, there are several free and reputed journals like IEEE, Elsevier and Nature which possess high levels of credibility and students should be motivated to publish their papers in them. Moreover, faculties should review their students’ thesis thoroughly to avoid the copyright infringement.

To conclude, there is no doubt that piracy in academics is becoming a main problem in many nations around the world. The reasons include internet misuse, lack of guidance and ease of getting articles published in paid publications. However, this issue could be reduced to a great extent if we followed the solutions as suggested above.

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