Physical Activities Should Be Introduced To School Children On A Regular Basis | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Do you think that physical activities should be introduced to school children on a regular basis? Explain. What kinds of sports are most useful?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Today most of us live a sedentary lifestyle and therefore doing some physical activity to keep ourselves healthy is of utmost importance. In fact, in my opinion physical exercises should be introduced in schools itself. This essay will put forth some reasons to support my view.

There are many advantages to introducing physical activities at the school level. The first and the most significant benefit is the improvement in the health of students. Physical activity increases the blood circulation in the body and thus helps in the proper growth of bones and muscles. In addition to that, sports and games offer students a refreshing break from their monotonous routine of studies and homework. For example, a short recess during school hours provides students a much needed break and helps them focus properly on their lessons when the class resumes. The sports period will also help to reenergize the children.

Moreover, sports inculcate in children some life skill such as cooperation, coordination etcetera. To exemplify, playing a team sport like cricket or football helps students understand the importance of team work, coordination and cooperation. These skills will provide them a head start when they start their professional life.

Different types of sports can be incorporated by the schools depending upon the infrastructure availability. If open ground is available outdoor sports like football, hockey, volleyball and cricket can be introduced; else indoor games like chess are a good option. Playing chess develops the strategy making skill in students and other games like scramble increase the vocabulary. Thus they prove beneficial for studies too.

To conclude, sports and games are necessary for school going children and they must be made a part of the school curriculum along with other important subjects.

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