Percentage Of Water Used For Different Purposes In Six Areas Of The World

Percentage of water used for different purposes

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The pie charts show information about the amount of water used for industrial, agricultural and domestic purposes in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Central Asia and South East Asia. It is clearly shown that much of the water was used for agricultural purposes in all areas except North America and Europe. Central Asia used the highest amount of water (88%) for agricultural use, followed by Africa (84%) and South East Asia (81%).  South America uses 71% of water for agriculture. North America and Europe use more water for industrial purposes at 48% and 53% respectively.  On the other hand, Africa, Central Asia and South East Asia used just 7%, 5% and 12% of their water for industrial purposes. In Africa, Central Asia and South East Asia, they use less than 10% of their water for domestic purposes.  South Americans consume the highest amount of water for domestic purposes (20%) followed by North America (15%) and Europe (13%).

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