Percentage Of People Unemployed In Australia In 2012

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The given line graph shows the rate of unemployment in Australia in 2012. Overall, it can be seen that unemployment rate in rural areas was considerably higher than that in urban areas in the first quarter of the year. While about 6.5 % of the rural people were unemployed at the beginning of the year, only about 2% of the urban dwellers were jobless at that time. However, in the second quarter of the year, the proportion of jobless people in urban areas increased to about 4% of the urban population but in rural areas it dipped steadily to approximately 4.5%. The number of unemployed people in urban areas dipped again in the third quarter and constituted only 2% of the total population. Meanwhile unemployment figures increased in rural areas and reached about 5.5%. Towards the end of the year, the rate of unemployment in both urban and rural areas was roughly the same at 5%. Even so, throughout the year, the number of unemployed people in rural areas was higher than the number of unemployed people in urban areas.

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