Percentage Of Households With Electrical Appliances | IELTS Report Sample

Percentage of households with electrical appliances. The charts below show the changes in ownership of electrical appliances and amount of time spent doing housework in households in one country between 1920 and 2019.

percentage of households with electrical appliances

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Band 7 IELTS report sample

The charts given above depict the changes in the percentage of families owning of electrical appliances and the amount of time each family spent doing housework in one country between 1920 and 2019. The first chart shows the percentage of families owning electrical appliances between the years 1920 and 2019. The ownership of refrigerator showed a sharp rise  from the year 1920 to 1960 after which the ownership of refrigerators  showed a plateau up to 2019.This chart also depicts that in the year 1920,  30% and 40% of the population were already using the vacuum cleaner and washing machine respectively. The usage of vacuum cleaners showed a steady rise until 1960 when as much as 90% of the families owned it. Afterwards, it remained stagnant. The ownership of washing machines also increased but only slightly.  The second chart shows the usage of these electrical appliances for housework in terms of number of hours per week. It shows that the number of hours spent doing household chores decreased sharply from 50 hours/week in 1920 to just 10 hours/week in 2019 owing to the widespread use of home appliances.

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