Percentage Of Families Living In Owned And Rented Accommodation

Sample report

The given bar chart shows the percentage of families living in owned and rented homes during the period from 1918 to 2011. It can be seen that in the beginning of the period, most families rented their homes; however, the trend reversed over the years and towards the end of it, the proportion of owned homes was much higher than that of rented homes. In year 1918, as much as 78% of the households lived in rented homes. The percentage of families living in rented homes gradually declined over the next few decades. In 1971, an equal number of households lived in rented and owned accommodation. Afterwards, the number of households owning their homes steadily increased. It was the highest in 2001 when nearly 70% of the families owned their homes. It declined slightly over the next ten years and in year 2011, the percentage of families owning their home was 65%.

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