People Write Product Reviews And Opinions About Services Online

Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

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Sample essay

A lot of people now write product reviews on the internet. People like to share their experience of using the product with the world. In my opinion, this is largely a positive development as other consumers can have a better idea of the product before buying it. There are, nonetheless, some negative sides too.

We are living in a world where people buy new things based on the ratings and comments provided by people who have already bought it. Many organizations provide services and in return ask for good feedback about them from the customers as this can boost their business. Many consumers have benefitted from these reviews as they can get to know the quality of the product before buying it. These days, people rarely buy a product before reading its reviews. There are even websites that specifically cater to this audience. Many platforms also allow users to rate the reviewers. It is an opportunity for those who post honest and helpful reviews to earn some reputation online. They might even be able to earn some commission as their reviews encourage people to buy the product. Reviews are not limited to products but people are rating their experiences as well.

On the flip side, not all reviews are trustworthy. Some companies even pay people to write good reviews with the sole objective of increasing their sales. Paid reviews have, over the years, become a major problem. There are also some companies that pay people to write bad things about their competitors. In fact, review bombing can now make or break any product or service. While big companies have in-house teams to monitor both positive and negative reviews, small companies do not have that luxury and they are the worst affected by paid negative reviews.

In short, there are both positive and negative sides to the practice of writing product reviews online. They are an opportunity for customers to make their voices heard especially when they are not happy with the product or service. These reviews also enable potential customers to decide whether or not they should buy a particular product. Unfortunately, not every review is genuine and customers have the responsibility to do some research before buying a product so that they can avoid unpleasant surprises later.


This is a good essay. The student has addressed all aspects of the task. His/Her arguments are quite convincing. The student is also able to write complex sentences without making grammatical mistakes. The range of vocabulary is satisfactory. This essay is in the band 8 to 8.5 range.

Task response: 9

Coherence and cohesion: 8

Grammatical range: 9

Lexical resources: 9

Overall score: Band 8.5

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