People Write Product Reviews And Opinions About Services Online | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Online, people write product reviews and opinions about services. Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Writing product reviews on the internet is the latest trend among online users. People like to share their experience of the product with the world. In my opinion, this is absolutely a positive advancement as people can have a better idea of the product before buying it. This essay will discuss why writing reviews on social media is a good trend. Later, this essay will also enumerate the benefits online reviews bring to new customers.

We are living in a world where people buy new things based on the ratings and comments provided by people who have already bought it. Many organizations provide services and in return ask for good feedback about them from the customers as this can boost their business. Many consumers have benefitted from these reviews as they can get to know the quality of the product before buying it. Sometimes they can also get a better price offer via these comments. These days, people are specifically looking for reviews before buying commercial goods. As these goods are costly and cannot be returned back, the consumers want to be doubly sure of the product they are buying and online reviews come to their rescue.

Nowadays, reviews are not limited to products but people are rating their experiences as well. For a person who likes to travel and try new cuisines, there are abundant applications which will pay them for giving genuine comments about their travel. For example, in India, there are companies such as Zomato and Food panda which allow the users to rate the restaurants based on their experience. This has proved to be very beneficial for many other people who want to know about the place and are looking for sincere feedbacks. Many other giant companies such as Amazon and Walmart have a dedicated section on their website for customer reviews. These boards provide real guidance for the newcomers. Another benefit is that many organizations are hiring good content writers for their product and they are often keen to know how much active a person is on these platforms.

In conclusion, in my view, there isn’t any negative side to this. Of course, sometimes the reviews and comments could be deceptive but in most of the cases, these have a positive impact on the customers. Having said that one should not totally rely on these reviews. It should be the user’s responsibility to do research beforehand so that they can avoid unpleasant surprises later.

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