People Who Receive Special Gifts Remember Them Long. Why?

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Special gifts are as precious as treasures. Often times it is not the value of the gift that makes it special – rather it is the kindness and thoughtfulness of the person who gives it.

Special gifts create unforgettable memories and that is why they are remembered for a long time. They add a mesmerising effect to the occasion at which people receive them. Gifts are usually given on special days like birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Although these days are special in their own right, a gift adds more value to them. Thus, they turn out to be unforgettable moments for us.

I remember one such day in my life. It happened to be August 10, 2016. On this day I delivered my first baby and my husband gifted me with a new house. I cannot describe that moment in words when I received such astonishing gifts- a baby and a house. I will remember that day as long as I live. Thus it is evident that gifts add value to an already valued and special event.

What’s more some gifts are imperishable. People may die but their gifts make them live on. A special gift reminds us of those who gifted them. For example, my mother-in-law had gifted my husband a wrist watch. She has died but whenever my husband wears this precious gift, he talks about her. Thus, her gift keeps her memory alive.

Special gifts like books and CDs ease our life. Such gifts act as our best friends. They guide us through thick and thin and offer a glimmer of light in darkness. A friend of mine had gifted me a book on my wedding day called “Life After Marriage”. This book narrates about problems one may face after marriage and their solutions. This book acts as my mother. It guides me how to deal with the problems in the same way my mother will guide me.

To conclude special gifts are special and unforgettable because they have a sentimental value.

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