People Who Live In Large Cities Face A Range Of Problems In Their Daily Life | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

People who live in large cities face a range of problems in their daily life. What are the main problems people in cities face, and how can these problems be tackled?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

It is argued that living in metropolitan cities comes with a range of problems for people. This essay will discuss the main problems these people face and how they can be tackled.

One of the main problems of living in a big city is the cost. Large cities offer great facilities / amenities but they also come with a price. For example, a two bedroom apartment in the eastern suburbs of Sydney can cost up to 800 dollars a week in rent, whereas the same unit in Central Coast can be up for rent for around half the price. Pollution is another issue in many major issues. Many major cities, especially in the developing countries, are highly polluted due to rapid industrial growth. Traffic congestion is another issue. Urban dwellers often have to spend several hours a day for their daily commute. Also, cities are overcrowded and there is little green space.

There is not much urban residents can do to improve their situation. However, the government can certainly help. By developing smaller cities close to major metropolises, the government can decongest them to a great extent. This, itself, will solve many of the problems people face in cities. In order to reduce traffic congestion, people should be encouraged to use public transport. Those who seek the comforts of a private vehicle should consider car pooling. Going vertical is another way to reduce space constraints in cities.

In conclusion, people living in metros face problems such as traffic congestion, increased cost of living and pollution. The government can improve the situation by developing small cities around large cities and encouraging people to move to them.

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