People Who Do Not Use Social Media Networks Will Always Behind In Career Development Opportunities| Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

People who do not use social media networks will always fall behind in career development opportunities. To what extent do you feel that this is an accurate and important prediction?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

There is a belief that not using social media can lead to a failure in career progress. However, in my opinion, I do not agree with the idea inasmuch as there are other factors which are more vital for climbing the success ladder.

To begin with, if a person is poor in adaptation, then he is set for slow growth in terms of success. It is because today’s work culture is ever-evolving that demands rapid adjustments. In other words, failing to achieve a balance with the changing environment can make an employee inefficient even after having an excellent academic background. As a result, this person may lag behind due to incompatibility with the system. For example, many bank workers despite being well qualified lost their jobs due to computer illiteracy which they were reluctant to learn and therefore, ended up becoming redundant.

Yet another reason that I think is critical for promotion is people’s skills. Struggling with conflict management due to underdeveloped interpersonal skills and diplomacy might cause intense damage to a person’s profile and consequently, the development will suffer.

However, it is agreed that social networks have become an integral part of the modern workplace. Finding a business that doesn’t use online platforms for marketing purposes is as difficult as it sounds, nonetheless, to say that not utilizing them will always lead to growth delay is to exaggerate their roles.

To sum up, I strongly believe, without being good at adaptation and interpersonal relationships, no one can thrive in a job. Furthermore, these two factors are essential for managing and creating opportunities to be a success in the corporate game. Although online platforms have their parts to play, they do not replace the significance of the aforementioned qualities.

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