People Used To Live In The Same City Throughout Their Lives | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

People used to live in the same city throughout their lives, but now they change where they live several times. What is the cause? Do you think it is a positive or negative trend?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

These days, people change their living place frequently due to various reasons. However, in the past, they lived all their life in one place. Even though moving from one place to another is quite expensive, I believe it is beneficial in the long run.

The most compelling reason for changing the city where you where you were born and raised is to find better opportunities. Most of the young people go to new places to acquire better academic qualifications. For instance, some rural areas often do not have reputable universities. Hence, students move to urban areas to complete their tertiary education. Not only youngsters but middle aged people also move to find better jobs and life standards. In most of the countries, better employment opportunities are concentrated in main cities. As a result, people move to these places to uplift their living conditions.

A number of benefits can be obtained from this trend. Firstly, people can expand their horizon. Many people in villages do not have comfortable life styles because of poor transportation facilities, schools, healthcare systems and so on. Once they move to a better place, they can get a better life style. Secondly, only distinguished cities have reputable universities as it takes a lot of effort to maintain high standards. Therefore, young people can most likely achieve academic success and develop their skills by moving out from their home town. Thus, there are several merits to moving from place to place.

In conclusion, in recent years, people tend to change their living places to improve / enhance their career prospects. I suppose this is advantageous as they can acquire better education and career opportunities through this move. Hence, no one should be reluctant to change where they live when opportunities arise.

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