People Think A Law Should Exist So That Young People Under 18 Cannot Be Out After Midnight

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Sample essay

According to some people authorities should enact a law that prohibits young people from being out after midnight. Of course, this measure will make them safer at night but in my opinion, it can also put them in a lot of difficulty and hence it is not advisable.

Teenagers are not mature enough to understand the dangers surrounding them. If they go out alone at night, they may fall prey to robbers, drug peddlers or paedophiles. Since young people cannot comprehend the consequences of their action, it is easy for them to fall into temptation and make the wrong decisions when they are surrounded by antisocial elements. In addition, hanging out with friends after midnight is harmful for teenagers’ health as their fast growing body needs a lot of sleep and rest. If they are made to stay home at night, the government will be able to save them from a lot of problems.

On the other hand, this measure will also put them in a lot of practical difficulty. Every now and then, just like anybody else, teenagers also have a legitimate need to be out at night. For example, a medical emergency can arise any time and a teenager who is alone at night may have to go out to buy first aid. Or they may be returning home from a friend’s place after a party. Or they may have missed a bus or train and could not reach home before midnight. In all of these cases, the law enforcement authorities should permit the teenager to be out at night.

In conclusion, while it is true that keeping adolescents at home after midnight is certainly beneficial for ensuring their safety sometimes this restriction can put them in a lot of difficulty. Hence, I believe that it should not be implemented. Instead, the government should increase police patrolling of the streets and encourage parents or guardians to accompany teens whenever they have to go out at night.

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