People Sleep Less Than Before In Many Countries | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

People sleep less than before in many countries. Why people sleep less? What effect does it have individually and in society?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

It has been observed that people are getting less sleep in most of the countries. Busy lifestyle and career opportunities are a few factors responsible for this. Owing to such a lifestyle, a plethora of negative impacts have been observed on individuals and the society.

Firstly, people are taking less rest due to their hectic lifestyle. In most of the places, people travel long distances to work. Most of their time is consumed in travelling and due to incessant increase in traffic every single day, it gets difficult for an individual to reach home on time. Secondly, people devote extra time to their office for their career growth and to get promotions. These expectations encourage them to take more work and create a competitive environment. As a result, they do not get enough time for themselves to relax.

Moreover, monetary benefits are one of the preponderant factors. Many workers increase their working hours to get paid more so that they can afford the things which would otherwise be unable for them to afford. For instance, there are myriad of jobs which are based on incentives. The more business an employee brings for his company, the more incentives he gets. Owing to such benefits, people start working till late hours and take less rest.

However, working late hours and not getting adequate sleep will have detrimental effects on an individual’s health. People who have office jobs and who work late hours on computers are affected with vision problems, and it has also been found that most of such professionals are diagnosed with adiposity. Another major effect which has been noticed due to inadequate sleep is the behavioural issues in an individual. People get short-tempered and there have been many instances where people found themselves in confrontation with others over minor issues.

In conclusion, due to many factors such as the longing for professional growth and to receive higher wages, people are taking less rest in most of the countries. Consequently, they develop many health problems which have a negative impact on their performance and general disposition.

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6 Responses

  1. Ko says:

    Nowadays, most people sleep shorter than before. Due to the improvement of technology, modern people can work or study at night too. Also, many people play computer games or surf the internet through their phones before they go to bed. These kinds of habits can make people tired or depressed because they cannot ensure enough time to sleep. Following their bad moods, they can affect an individual efficiency of work and it can make entire society down.

    Unlike the past, everyone can easily use electricity and a bunch of electric devices now. This situation might appear to increase the quality of life but it makes people be able to do everything even in the dark. Eventually, people have to do everything from important work to trivial communication with their boss more than before.

    Addiction to games and social networking services can also be a reason why people sleep less now. Of course, there were games in the past too, but modern people can do games even more freely than ever before and most games and SNSs are designed to make people immense to them by using intense colors and constant alarms. So people started them to play just a minute before sleeping at first but they kept doing more than an hour.

    People who don’t have enough sleep feel tired so they angered and be depressed easily and it can also ruin their ability to work. Because they can’t do their work well, they have to do it until night and they cannot sleep enough again. This circulation will recur. In conclusion, many people will lose their control and it can lead to depression of the entire society.

  2. Andrew says:

    Sorry I couldn’t find comment box in previous essay.Could evaluate my essay

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    The main advantages of solar batteries are its ability to produce cheap and eco-friendly source of energy.Thus, once its set on our household the units starts produce recyclable electricity without any waste of coal or gas.For example: Uzbek government encouraging its population to purchase more solar batteries as possible. Because there are almost 9 month sunny days available in a country and people are being informed about their financial benefits of using these sustainable energies. This specific example can be reason why solar power is widely spreading among households.
    On the other hand, there are some countries that consumes massive energy but faces only 2 or 3 month of sunny days throughout the year. Thus, lacking of sunny days avoids them to use solar batteries effectively in cold weather days.For example: in Finland,Norway,Canada, people usually see the sun in july and august. Although there may be some sunny days in other months,solar batteries are not able to get power from weak sunlight.

    In conclusion, even though solar energy is coming our daily life widely there are some advancements needs to be done in this field so that every corner of the world can use it effectively.

  3. Rahul Sharma says:

    People sleep less than before in many countries. Why people sleep less? What effect does it have individually and in society?

    With the growing competition in every area, people are working hard and longer hours than ever to survive and succeed in today’s world. The sheer amount of pressure to succeed in professional life makes a person to neglect other important aspects of life such as getting a good night’s sleep.
    Inadequate sleep makes a person more anxious and depressed in turn affecting their mental as well as physical health. To compete with your peers and provide for your family makes the sole bread earner of the family in the constant state of worry, depriving them of the sleep required for proper functioning of human body.
    Sleep Deprivation affects a person in a numerous way such as keeping them in constant state of worry, making them more prone to health issues such as, headaches, fatigue, etc. Moreover, such state of mind does not make it easy to think in positive way and in turn affects your progressive approach in work.
    In Japan this culture of sleeping less has affected the society a lot resulting in more psychological issues. According to an article, the working professionals in Japan sleep less than 5 hours creating a negative social stigma for the upcoming generations mainly the children.
    To Conclude I must emphasize on the importance of work life balance which should be the prime focus of any individual working in any place. This is surely going to contribute to the harmony of society’s peaceful living

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