People Sleep Less Than Before | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

People sleep less than before. Why? And what are the effects of this?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

It is true that our sleeping patterns have changed significantly over the last fifty years. People now get considerably less sleep than their ancestors. Personally, l think this is because of the increasing stress and the effects of the digital age . However, this phenomenon has serious repercussions for individuals and societies.

To begin with, the competitive and hectic lifestyle of the modern times requires people to be more attentive than ever before. Nowadays, people are in a constant race to fulfil their basic needs and to achieve their goals and as a result they get less time for sleep. Sleeping less is actually considered as a virtue these days. For example, most high-profile personalities with amazing achievements such as Bill Gates take pride in cutting down on their in their rest hours and consider that a key for success. Furthermore, the computer era has surrounded us with a huge number of screens which have a major effect on our conscious brains. Studies have shown that the blue light of computer, television and mobile screens makes the brain more awake and prevents it from falling asleep.

Unfortunately, this trend is a serious problem that has a negative impact on the well-being of communities. For instance, less sleeping hours can cause tiredness, depression, lack of concentration as well as many health problems including obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. All of these issues will eventually result in a weak society with low productivity. Thus, sufficient sleep is vital for individuals and nations.

In conclusion, after looking at why people sleep less and what problems this cause, it is hoped that governments around the world launch education campaigns to inform the public about the importance of getting adequate sleep.

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6 Responses

  1. Priyanka Sharma says:

    Nowadays most of the population reduced their sleep as compared to ancient time. This essay demonstrate the reason that people usually try to keep balance between their work-family life but this management of time sometimes results in poor health conditions.

    People do not get sufficient time to sleep these days because they do not have time for themselves, in other words individuals spend time on work after that they want to go with their families out somewhere to enjoy with them, because of which they left with small amount of time for their own activities. To illustrate, survey conducted among workers of Canada found that 75% of the workers go to theatre, lakes, beaches etc. to have fun with their wives/husbands and kids, at the end of the day they normally have 4-5 hours for rest.

    Having insufficient sleep would results in poor health. These days most of the people are suffering from continuous headache, body pain and brain related diseases, the main reason for these problems is less sleep. For instance, research shows that 80% of the patients are suffering from the diseases those can only occur because of the lack of rest to brain.

    In conclusion, the reason for people having less time to sleep is they want to give equal attention to work as well as to family but this exhaustion can result in dangerous helath issues.

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