People Nowadays Send Text Messages More Frequently Than They Talk On The Phone | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

People nowadays send text messages more frequently than they talk on the phone. What are the reasons for this trend? Do the advantages of texting outweigh the disadvantages?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

There is no doubt that texting is now trendier than calling over the phone. The fast paced lifestyle is one of the main reasons for this development. Personally, I believe that the demerits of texting overweigh the merits.

Firstly, the reason for the popularity of text messages is the change in culture. People are leading a fast paced life these days and they do not have much time to spare on calls and prefer to work asynchronously. Texting is more popular because it is less formal. You can do something else while you are texting. You can use very informal language. Also, the recipient can decide whether they want to respond or not. Also, texting is less invasive. You just leave a message there hoping that someone will respond. If they do respond, good. If they don’t respond, that is okay too. Calling, on the other hand, is immediate. You have to give an answer immediately. Also, texting is more convenient when you want to hide your emotions. If you are angry and you call, the listener can immediately understand it. Texting does not reveal much about your state of mind.

 There are two prominent disadvantages to this trend. The first one is that through text messages, one cannot easily understand the tone of the sender and this sometimes leads to misunderstanding. For instance, there have been instances in our daily lives when we text and end up in a rift because of misconceptions that arise from texting. Personal connect that is best established only through calls is also missing when it comes to sending text messages. It has been proved that listening to the voice of loved ones generates a sense of positive vibes which unfortunately cannot be felt while typing.

In conclusion, communicating through written messages is now more popular than calling because of the lack of time and more self-centric culture. But this is causing more harm than good as it leads to more misinterpretations and loss of personal relations and intimacy.

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