People In Current Generation Are Not Fit And Active | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

People in the current generation are not fit and active, and it will cause health problems in the future. What could be the reasons and suggest solutions for this issue.

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Band 7.5 IELTS writing sample

Nowadays, most people follow a sedentary lifestyle, which makes them lazy and inactive. This will cause several health implications for them in the future. This essay will discuss the reasons behind this phenomenon and suggest some viable measures to solve this problem.

To begin with, the sedentary lifestyle is the main cause of health problems. These days people are working on laptops or computers, which allow them to sit in chairs continuously for prolonged hours. Also, people find it hard to allot time for exercises because of their work pressure and shift duties. For instance, people working in night shifts, sleep throughout the entire day without being productive or active.

In addition to that, latest technological innovations make people lethargic and depend on the machines blindly. To cite an example, these days people make use of washing machines, dish washers to lessen their burden and also they use lifts or escalators instead of using steps to reach upper floors. These are the causes of the inactive lifestyle followed by people.

There are some ways to tackle this problem. One of them is to make people aware of the risks associated with obesity and laziness. Youngsters should be motivated to exercise at least an hour a day by awareness campaigns. Moreover, the governments should build sports centers or parks in every city to encourage their citizens to be active. As a result, people get easier access to these facilities.

In conclusion, following an inactive lifestyle and depending more on machines are the major reasons that make people unfit. Their lifestyle can be improved through awareness campaigns and by building more fitness centres.

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8 Responses

  1. seema says:

    Some people are of opine that young generation is not energetic and fit and it will cause severe problems related with health. This essay discuss the reason for this type of change and the solution to curb them
    To start with, the main reason for the unfit and inactive is due to the temptation towards the fast food. People consume fast food in an enormous quantity than the food from the scratch due to the addiction of the tastemaker used in fast foods. Secondly, the life of the people becomes more hectic, tedious and most of them have to extend their duty hours to meet the two ends of life. Thus they do not have any enough time to do any workouts. Therefore, lack of exercise will lead to severe health problems such as cardiovascular, elevated blood pressure, increase level of cholesterol and so on. Sometimes, it becomes so vigorous that it can be life threatening.
    Whereas, we are well aware that “Prevention is better than cure”. Even though, the new generation has a swamped life, there are a lot of alternative solution to make them “Fit as a fiddle”. Out of that first and the foremost is to consume fresh and healthy, homely prepared food as these foods have no addictive and less content of cholesterol, which helps the person to stay active. Secondly, there are more recreational centers throughout the country, which is mostly open for 24 hours. They do can join according to their duty schedule. Finally, do walking or cycling as your favorite mode of transportation especially, in nearby places. This practice itself can change a lot in ones life pattern.
    To recapitulate, younger generation will not be fit and energetic due to the consumption of junk food and lack of exercise but, proper workouts , change in the lifestyle, and healthy diet can lessen the health problems.

  2. aaqib says:

    Now a days,people are leaving a sedentary lifestyle which makes them lethargic and unfit.Due to this behaviour,many people will suffer from health related issues in the near future.This essay will discuss the possible reasons for this and also suggest some appropriate solutions to overcome this issue.

    To begin with,It is an undeniable fact that Television and other forms of media have become a means of potato couches these days.Moreover,Dining out have become a vogue these days.This consumption of junk food which are high in unhealthy fats makes poeple suffer from health issues such as obesity,thyroid etc.Further more,due to the fast paced and demanding life,people are working for extended hours sitting at one place which deprives them to engage in any physical activity .According to a recent survey by TOI,60% of employees working in corporate sector are obese due to lack of mobility .

    However,this situation can be tackled by proper guidance and government support.
    Awareness campaings should be held in every society about the implications of counsuming unhealthy food and what measures should be taken to overcome them.For instance,free health checkups can be done every now an then to make poepole aware of their health condition.In additon,government should encourage sports clubs,gyms,parks in every society so that people can engage in any form of physical activity.As people are mainly influenced by advertisemnts,celebrities and sports persons should be made ambassodars of heath products as they are the role models of many people.

    To conclude,people are more suffering from many kind of illnesses these days due to the demanding life and negligiance. By proper guidance and motivation one can improve their lifestyle.

  3. simar says:

    Increasing number of individuals, who are less active and unfit in this modern aeon, might forge some health related issues in the nearby future. It is imperative to examine main reasons, such as poor eating habits and impact of technology, followed by valid solutions.

    Highlighting the main reasons why most of the people are inactive nowadays, first and foremost is effect of modern technology. In other words, while modern inventions has made human life more convenient and luxurious, it’s negative impact can not be ignored. As most of the people rely on technical gadgets not only for demanding tasks; even also for simple works, which results in less physical work, and causes health issues. Secondly, eating unhealthy junk food also contributes towards this issue. Despite the various health warnings, numerous heads prefer this kind of food just owing to its scrumptious taste, affordability and availability. Taking results of recent research as an example, WHO revealed that 78% individuals are persuaded toward readymade meals because of its taste, and less time to cook food at home.

    Shifting towards the measures to curb this problem, if people try to manage their time properly to squeeze some spare timr for exercising, definitely this problem will be eradicated in the future. Hence, it is the obligation of every individual to accept some changes in their lifestyles. Apart from this, awareness campaigns can also play a crucial and indispensable role to curtail such issues.

    In conclusion, the root of this problem lies in our lifestyle, and the best method to get healthy future is to follow simple and healty lifestyle which can be acquired by proper guidance and motivation.

  4. omid says:

    Nowadays, both obesity and unhealthy manner of living are the results of the fast pace of the modern lifestyle. Almost a large number of people are suffering from psychological and physical disorders resulting from an unhealthy schedule of their regular activities. This issue is viewed and analyzed from several prospectives in the following paragraphs.
    Individuals from various ranges of ageing and occupations, male or female are obliged by some daily activates. Different professions in today society might impose us different shapes of difficulties. For example, labours are mostly doing works with severe physical actions, and designers are always in the office and behind their work-table. It is proved that the higher rate of physical activity, the healthiest your body is, and some argue that unfitness comes from motionlessness.
    The implications of the abovementioned life-manner will gradually endanger individuals’ healthiness, and over time, it not only affects private lives but spoils the wellbeing of the elder in the approaching future. While the government and authorities are always showing their concerns about this issue, nobody can witness any effective measures taken by governmental organizations.
    According to each individuals’ condition, it should be suggested that they keep doing exercising and pick a healthy diet in their daily plan.
    Based on the mentioned facts, one can conclude an appropriate managing plan for work out and eating would significantly impact the unwanted outcome of fast-paced modern lifestyle.

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