People Give Technology Companies Access To Their Personal Data | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Many people are now opting to provide technology companies with their personal data in exchange for access to software. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

A majority of people choose to give software companies access to their personal information so that they can use a software application for free. People can use the software for myriads of fruitful purposes; however, in my opinion, because of the fact that corporations can misuse the private data for their own benefits, the advantages of this practice do not outweigh the disadvantages.

By giving access to information such as email address to a technology company, people can have full right to make use of the application for their indispensable needs. This can make their life more convenient and less laborious. For example, you must allow your camera and photos to be accessed to use Skype, a video calling software. By using this software people can have the benefit of staying connected to their loved ones irrespective of / regardless of their location and distance. However, sometimes people might experience the breach of their confidential information by some agencies. Providing companies access to our personal data can sometimes lead to the infringement of our privacy and security.

Some applications take advantage of the process of accessing information just to gather and exploit it for malicious purposes. For instance, in 2014, Unibic calling application was highly criticized for selling the confidential data of various people to an advertising company in return for a huge amount of money. Therefore, the threat of potential misuse of personal information eclipses the advantages of having free access to an application.

In conclusion, while it is true that people can use the software for numerous important purposes in exchange for their personal information, establishments can misuse the provided data. So, I believe that benefits do not outweigh the drawbacks.

Band 8 IELTS essay sample 2

It is a common practice for internet users to share their private data with software companies to access their applications. I think this practice has more merits than demerits

Many websites require users to sign up before they can use their service. They will need an email address and in some cases a phone number to access those services. By providing this information, users can access those applications. For example, there are online photo and video editing tools. Many of them require the user to register with their name and email ID to be able to use the service. By simply providing some personal details, the user gets access to some premium software for free. This is definitely advantageous for them as they can get their job done using those apps.  By collecting your personal info, many websites are also able to provide a personalized experience to you.

On the down side, tech companies are not collecting this information for free. They are collecting a user’s email address so that they can send promotional newsletters from time to time. They may also sell user data with third party advertisers. Consequently, the user will start seeing adverts based on their recent search history every time they get online. There is also the possibility of getting this data stolen. For example, ecommerce sites store both the personal and financial data of their users. If hackers manage to get into these databases, the results can be devastating for the user.

In conclusion, being able to use free software by sharing personal information with tech giants is certainly beneficial for people. The downside, of course, is unsolicited advertising but if that is not a big deal for you, the advantages certainly outweigh the disadvantages.

Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

In the era of technology / high-tech, it can be seen that most of the internet based activities require users to input their personal information such as full name, telephone number, address and financial information such as credit card numbers. Though there are a few advantages associated with providing private information, by and large, the downsides outweigh them. In this essay, I intend to elucidate the minuses / demerits of sharing private information with huge internet companies and organisations.

When internet companies have access to their personal information, consumers can be affected in a plethora of ways. First and foremost, the internet is a vulnerable place where many good things and bad things happen. Hackers can easily hack into the server by bypassing the security firewall through various methods. If they get their hands on personal data of individuals, they can extort money from people and blackmail them.  Furthermore / Most importantly, the internet companies may advertise that their platform is 100% secure; nevertheless, that is not the case. Hackers undoubtedly can find loopholes in the security system and make their illegal entry into the company’s web based data. A good example of this is when Yahoo got hacked in 2016 and all personal information of the user were downloaded by the hackers. This resulted in utter chaos and Yahoo lost trust of most of its clients.  Last but not least, private credentials of a person are incredibly sensitive information. If they get into wrong hands they can destroy people’s lives and even the society.

On the other hand, providing this information allows people to use web applications for free. For example, in order to use the email application, Gmail, users have to submit their personal information including their phone number. Also, ecommerce apps allow users to buy from the comfort of their home when they provide their address and financial information to them. Some websites just require a user to give them their email address in exchange for free access to the site.

By way of conclusion, I would like to recapitulate that the advantages pale in comparison to the consequences of the disadvantages. Although the negatives by no means are insurmountable, they are highly unlikely to remain limited in the foreseeable future.

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2 Responses

  1. Sarbjeet Singh says:

    In the era of World Wide Web (www), software companies often give free access to their softwares to the people who agree to provide personal data like name, email and telephone to them. I believe that this trend has more advantages ranging from saving money to improve productivity than the disadvantages it might offer.

    Having access to software without any cost, people save a sufficient amount of money which they can use in other domains like education and entertainment. For instance, softwares such as point of sale(POS) and inventory management are available at a huge cost in the software market. So all people can not afford them but there are few companies who give free access to POS system in the exchange of personal data. They use this data for advertisement. Furthermore, this enhances the productivity of the users who use free softwares in their works and saves their valuable time which they can invest in doing other chores like shipping and order management.

    On the other hand, technology companies use these personal data for marketing their latest products and upcoming projects. As a result, clients often receive marketing calls, emails and text messages which are really distracting. But by unsubscribing these campaigns anybody can get rid of them. For example, I am a web developer who always download free extension to build e-commerce website in exchange of email and telephone, but I do unsubscribe an advertising campaign which I do not find useful.

    In conclusion, in my opinion, the advantages of sharing personal data with companies in order to get the benefits of free software far outweigh the disadvantages of this trend.

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