People Feel Unsafe In Public And At Home | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people feel unsafe when they are in public and at home. What are the possible causes for this and what are some possible solutions?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Safety concerns have become increasingly common among certain demographics of the society. These people feel unsafe both in public places and at homes. The fear of safety is mainly because of the increased crime rate and limited police patrolling in public places. There are several solutions which should be implemented to deal with the safety concerns of people.

Firstly, the main reason for feeling unsafe in public and at home is the increment in the crime rate over the past few years. Nowadays, the criminals are using all sorts of tactics to rob people of their hard earned money. Moreover, cyber crime has opened another channel for criminals. Another reason why people feel unsafe is the lack of adequate police force. As a result, police cannot patrol public and residential areas effectively. People naturally feel safe and secure when adequate numbers of police personnel patrol their area.

There are two effective solutions to tackle safety concerns at home and in public places. One way to improve safety is to reduce the crime rate by ensuring rehabilitation of first-time offenders. This method will ensure reintegration of criminals into the society. Another method to improve safety concerns is to recruit more police force and increase round the clock patrolling in public and residential areas. A recent study in Australia has shown that 83% of people feel naturally secure when they have some security arrangements around them.

In conclusion, reducing the crime rate and increasing patrolling are effective methods to enhance the safety of people. If the governments worked aggressively in both the areas, the society will feel much more secure.

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4 Responses

  1. Raghul says:

    This is a essay written by me and i would be pleased if you can give me the band score for this.
    The question is this – As well as making money, businesses have its responsibilities to society. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    It is argued by some people that businesses have their responsibilities to society and earning money is not the only perspective of working in any profession. I agree with this notion, and owning a business opens the gateway for exploring and learning new tactics which would help in gaining plenty of experiences.

    To begin with, I think the experiences acquired through occupation is hugely valuable. For instance, a student who studies marketing in university can prepare for his education by working part-time in a professional company. This example explains that businesses provide importance to individuals as well. Moreover, most people prefer their best interest to be their career, if not they, can not persist in a tiresome work environment. It is due to this reason that many people can achieve high standards in their occupation and have proved to be successful. Work ethics and tactical skills can be witnessed in all job markets.

    On the other hand, some people may argue that our primary source of income comes from our career. Without earning a sufficient salary, people may not show enough interest in their jobs. Aforementioned is true, but nowadays all fields of work are equally recognised by everyone, and the government also have forced high wages to all business sectors. All business fields have benefitted society by contributing to the development of the country’s economy and popularity, which in turn is due to the sincere interest of fellow workers.

    In conclusion, even though business provides a source of income for workers, it also creates a platform to outshine others and to encounter new conflicts.

    • ielts practice says:

      This seems band 6 to me. The task is about the social commitment of businesses. Read what you have written. It is hardly on it.

  2. SINA says:

    Safety is one of the most important and essential things for every human to live peacefully. Some people always feel unsafe and uneasy in public and also in their homes. It emerges from several reasons, but fortunately, it has a lot of solutions to control the feelings.

    Some people always feel anxious and unsafe everywhere because of a lot of reason. Firstly, some people grow up in a bad situation, like they were growing up in war or famine. For instance, my uncle was growing up in a war, the war that happens between Iran and Iraq in 1978. Because of that, for several years, he always felt unsafe. I remember in 2001 when my brother wanted to marry, we had a wedding celebration in our house, but my uncle did not come. When I ask him why you did not come, he utters that he thought that some enamines were at our house. Secondly, some people live in a poor neighborhood from their childhood. In fact, these neighborhoods are not probably safe, and most criminals and homicides happen in these neighborhoods, and also a lot of fugitives live in these areas. Therefore, this type of quarter is not safe, and because of that, people are not feeling safe in the neighborhood, and always fell unsafe and dangerous in public and their home.

    The feeling of being unsafe and dangerous has some solutions. For one thing, those people who are feeling unsafe everywhere can meditate to help them. In particular, meditation helps us to become calm and improve our feeling of safety and peace. Consequently, if this type of people meditates daily, like doing yoga, they become more calm and peaceful. For another thing, if somebody feels unsafe and anxious in public and their house, it is a good idea to change their neighborhood or even their country. Generally, Changing the house in the country or out of country gives the people new feelings. This can help them to go to a more peaceful place which can pacify them.

    In conclusion, people like to have a feeling of peace and safety everywhere. However, a lot of people do not feel safe and always feel unsafe and dangerous every time and everywhere. This feeling comes from abundant reasons. Fortunately, they can pacify this feeling with mediation or changing their property.

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