People Doing Dangerous Sports Should Be Responsible For Their Own Life And Rescue Workers Should Not Risk Their Lives For These People | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

People doing dangerous sports like bungee jumping, scuba-diving should be responsible for their own life and rescue workers should not risk their lives for these people. Do you agree or disagree?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

People believe that those who are taking an active interest in extreme sports are completely responsible for their adventure. I completely agree with this view as these dangerous sports are life threatening and to save people from the severe consequences of indulging in such acts rescue workers need not put their lives at risk.

There are multifarious reasons to strengthen my view point. Firstly, there is a statutory warning attached to these extreme activities. Those daredevils who still take this dangerous challenge are dicing with death just for an adrenaline rush. Therefore, they have to bear the brunt for their deeds as these individuals are mature enough to choose between right and wrong. If they choose to participate in such activities despite being aware of the consequences, the onus is on them to bear the consequences as well.

Secondly, rescue workers are there to train them before they take the plunge and to explain to them the potential risks. People who are afraid that they might injure themselves can back out at that point. If they still go ahead and things go awry, the rescuers should certainly make an effort within their limits to try and save them. This, however, does not mean that they should risk their lives. In my opinion, if the rescue attempt will put the rescuer at risk, then it is best to abandon it. Even though they are earning their livelihood from it, their prime duty is not to risk their own lives for the participant’s thrill and excitement.

In conclusion, I firmly reiterate that the individuals who willingly perform these dangerous stunts must be held responsible for their choices ;therefore, trainers and security personnel need not put their lives into peril in order to save these daring individuals.

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