People Are Not Exercising Regularly Even Though They Know It Is Beneficial For Their Health | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

People are not exercising regularly even though they know it is beneficial for their health. Why is this a problem? What can be done to tackle it?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

There is a saying that health is wealth. If health is lost, everything is lost because health is essential for our physical and mental wellbeing. Unfortunately, in this era, most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle.

We prioritize materialistic gains / achievements and give less preference to our health. Consequently, many individuals do not exercise despite the fact that they know it is crucial for their health. In this essay I will discuss the problems the problems that people suffer by not doing any kind of exercise and how it can be resolved.

To start with, People are not doing any exercise like morning walk, jogging or any other because they are always occupied with something or have immense workload. Even if they start an exercise regime, they fail to stick to it. Because of heavy workload, they easily become lethargic and find it hard to work out. It creates numerous health problems. Obesity and heart failure are the two main disorders that are caused by not doing exercise. People lack concentration as they cannot rejuvenate their mind. Furthermore, it makes them less active physically and mentally.

On the bright side, this issue can be addressed by making yoga and meditation sessions mandatory with some exceptions at workplace. There should be some community groups which organize sports events for people of all ages. Moreover, there should be some rewards for winners / participants of these events so that people get influenced to take part in.

To conclude, I think people are not doing exercise because of their lifestyle and workload. If they get spare time and motivation to do so, they will automatically indulge themselves in workout.

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