People Are Moving From Places Where They Are Born To Cities For Better Job Prospects | Band 9 Essay Sample

People are moving from places where they are born to cities for better job prospects? Do the advantages of the trend outweigh the disadvantages?

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

Migration of rural people into urban areas in search of jobs and better standard of living is a common phenomenon in many developing countries. In my opinion, this move has both advantages and disadvantages and it is hard to say whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

On the one hand, when rural youth find good jobs in cities, there will definitely be an improvement in their standard of living. There are not many jobs, especially for the educated, in the countryside; by contrast, they are available in the city and hence this migration is an opportunity for them to escape from the clutches of poverty. In the city, they will also be able to provide better education and healthcare to their children and thus ensure a bright future for their family.

On the other hand, when a large number people migrate to cities, they become overcrowded. Most cities are already facing a shortage of liveable space.  This influx of job seekers from the countryside will further degrade the quality of life in metros. For example, in India, almost every villager who cannot find a job in their native place migrates to Mumbai. Consequently, Mumbai is bulging at the seams. Many of these migrants are unskilled labourers who cannot find well-paying jobs. They continue to live in poverty even after moving to the city. Also, because of the unaffordable property prices in cities, millions are living in filthy slums where they struggle are susceptible to developing health problems. The population explosion also worsens air quality and traffic congestion in metropolises.

In conclusion, when rural people move to urban areas and find good jobs there, it certainly improves their quality of living. However, most unskilled migrants will end up in low grade jobs and struggle to earn a living. Worse still, this migration makes cities overcrowded and thus deteriorates the overall quality of life. Hence, in my opinion, the advantages of this development more or less equal the disadvantages.

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  1. Dovudkhon Abdubokiev says:

    In spite of the advances made in agriculture, many people around the world still go hungry.
    Why is this the case?
    what can be done about this problem?

    Here’s my answer for this question. Please do me a favor and have a look at it.

    It is true that large number of population still encounters starvation. While there are several reasons which lead to this phenomenon, numerous actions can be taken to tackle it

    Some issues may be considered to be the cause of this problem. Though farming is advanced much more than ever before, these advances cost fortune to farmers. For example, you can purchase a brand new, top quality, highly costing car for the money that farmers spend on fertilizers and sedatives a year in my country. As a result, farmers have to increase the price of the yield when selling to shops in order to gain some profit. These products cost even more in shops, because shop assistants don’t get benefit from selling the product for the money they bought it for. Not everybody affords buying and consuming this expensive goods. Furthermore, world population is continuing to grow, so farming areas can no longer provide sufficient enough food for everybody and this is causing people in some parts of the world to lack in food.

    Even though the condition is very serious some potential solutions may help us improve or overcome it. Firstly, wealthy people should be encouraged to be generous and allocate more money to charity to help people who are suffering from starvation. Secondly, governments should pay more attention to creating efficient but cheaper methods of improving the land, so that final products will be available for public in lower prices.

    In conclusion, hunger is currently aa concerning problem all around the world. However, the situation may be improved by taking some actions and avoiding the possible causes that lead to this condition.

    Thank you in advance!

  2. Farhi says:

    Migration of humans to metropolis has skyrocketed in search of better opportunities. I believe this phenomenon has more pros and should be discussed in the forthcoming paragraphs.

    These days cities are booming by leaps and bounds and opportunities are compounding and to grab the chance people have moved to cities. First and foremost reason is for better life , in cities standard of living is much better as compared to their native place ; villages have an issue of electricity every now and then outage take place and they have to face trouble. Also education system in cities are up to the mark which is still behind in developing cities as schools are getting digital and modern gadgets use in the school to teach students.

    Apparently, influx of populace benefit the society and country; potential candidate work in a company and contributes to community and country. In other words people are amiable and supportive by nature and they assist them in thick and thins and helps to grow everyone and thus simultaneously country becomes potential in all the ways.

    On other side competitors are burgeoning in all the sectors and thus result in cut throat competition therefore people have to go extra mile to secure the position. Moreover prices of commodities are abnormal as demand is more and less supply and a person have to give extra money to buy the product.

    To recapitulate, I opine benefits are more as migration brings scope for all the humans and country despite of knowing the drawbacks of emigration but it can be controlled.

  3. Pathik Patel says:

    – Some people believe that technology has made man more social. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

    People form developing and developed countries debated that, due to the advancement of technology such as mobile phone, T.V, laptops have helped improve and enhance their lives while other argue that, it has become totally opposite. This essay will discuss both the view with the relevant examples.
    On the one hand, there is an evidence shows that such technology is detrimental and would cause extreme problems. This mainly happens to the younger generations. They are more likely to adopt new technology and feel isolated. These people are always stay away from the society. The reason behind this is twofold, Firstly, the invention of Social media applications such as Facebook, Whats App, Instagram have reduced the face to face communication. People however, feel in touch to each other but they lose the key social skills and ability to communicate. Recent study represents that, 90% people around the world spend 15 to 20 hours per day on social media.
    On the other hand, although there is significant amount of drawback of technological developments but their multi-fold advantages cannot be denied. Firstly, people can talk to each other through the cell phones whenever and wherever they want, which was difficult in past. They share the important information, news on daily basis. Secondly, improvement in quality of the face chatting applications allow people to see their faces via phone especially who study and work abroad. Lastly, virtual meeting can be done using skype. They do not need to present at the office to attend the meeting, it can be done easily now.
    From the arguments and example given above, I firmly believe that, overall communications and man’s sociality has been improved through technological developments and despite some serious health related problems, which government should not take it lightly. The human race will continue flourish in the future.

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