People Are Moving From Places Where They Are Born To Cities For Better Job Prospects

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Migration of rural people into urban areas in search of jobs and better standard of living is a common phenomenon in many developing countries. In my opinion, this move has both advantages and disadvantages and it is hard to say whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

On the one hand, when rural youth find good jobs in cities, there will definitely be an improvement in their standard of living. There are not many jobs, especially for the educated, in the countryside; by contrast, they are available in the city and hence this migration is an opportunity for them to escape from the clutches of poverty. In the city, they will also be able to provide better education and healthcare to their children and thus ensure a bright future for their family.

On the other hand, when a large number people migrate to cities, they become overcrowded. Most cities are already facing a shortage of liveable space.  This influx of job seekers from the countryside will further degrade the quality of life in metros. For example, in India, almost every villager who cannot find a job in their native place migrates to Mumbai. Consequently, Mumbai is bulging at the seams. Many of these migrants are unskilled labourers who cannot find well-paying jobs. They continue to live in poverty even after moving to the city. Also, because of the unaffordable property prices in cities, millions are living in filthy slums where they struggle are susceptible to developing health problems. The population explosion also worsens air quality and traffic congestion in metropolises.

In conclusion, when rural people move to urban areas and find good jobs there, it certainly improves their quality of living. However, most unskilled migrants will end up in low grade jobs and struggle to earn a living. Worse still, this migration makes cities overcrowded and thus deteriorates the overall quality of life. Hence, in my opinion, the advantages of this development more or less equal the disadvantages.

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