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leisure activities participation ielts report

Sample report

The given bar chart shows the proportion of boys and girls in the age group of 5 to 14 years engaged in various pastime activities. Overall, it can be seen that more boys than girls participate in various leisure activities.

Looking at the bar chart more closely, we can see that all the boys and girls in this age group watch television and it is the most popular leisure activity among both boys and girls. Computer games and bike riding are more popular among boys than girls. While 70% of the boys ride bikes only 60% of the girls engage in this activity. As for computer games, 80% of the boys play them but only 60% of the girls are interested in this activity. Skateboarding / rollerblading is not particularly popular among either boys or girls. While only about 40% of the boys enjoy this activity, less than 30% of the girls find it interesting. As for art and craft, it is considerably more popular among girls (60%) than boys (less than 40%). To sum up, of all the activities mentioned in the chart, art and craft is the only activity that had more girls than boys pursuing it.

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