Parks In Cities Should Be Used For Residential And Business Purposes | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

The growth in population in cities means that parks should now be used for residential and business purposes. To what extent you agree or disagree?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Since the population in cities is growing, some people argue that green areas should now be utilized for living and commercial purposes. However, I completely disagree with this view as I feel the parks and gardens in cities are absolutely necessary for the inhabitants.

Firstly, the green areas in big cities cannot be used to cater to the needs of increasing urban population as they play an important role in improving the air quality in cities. Plants in the parks produce oxygen which counteracts against the heavy pollution in metropolis and thus cleans the air. In short, parks are the main source of fresh air in cities and, therefore they are vital for locals.

Another key reason is that gardens in urban areas create a healthy living environment for the residents. People residing in cities often use the parks for various purposes that improve their quality of life. For example, many people in the cities exercise in the parks and this helps them to stay fit. Furthermore, parks are used by kids as a play area for outdoor games. If these parks and gardens are destroyed, there will be an adverse impact on public health.

Finally, the green area in the cities often acts as a natural habitat for the urban wildlife. To illustrate, a report by National Geographic channel stated that parks and gardens in cities are the home of more than hundred species of birds in India. If there were no parks and gardens in cities, it would lead to extinction of these species and other urban wildlife and this might also affect the food chain. Therefore, existence of the green areas in cities is extremely important.

In conclusion, the green areas in metropolitan cities should not be used for residential and commercial purposes as they not only counteract against the heavy pollution in these cities, but also improve the quality of life of the locals. Therefore, I do not agree with this argument that parks in cities should now be used for catering to the needs of their growing population.

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