Parents, Usually Mothers, Give Up Work To Look After Family | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Parents, usually mothers, give up the work, choose to stay home and look after the family. Some people think the government should give them a salary. Do you agree or disagree? Give the reasons from your knowledge and experience.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Women often leave their career behind for bringing up / raising their children and to take care of the elder members of the family. Some people argue that the government should financially assist them to make the society equal. I disagree with this statement since it will adversely impact the national budget and influence working women in a negative way.

Providing some sort of monetary assistance to women who have given up their job will put a tremendous load on the country’s financial resources. Countries such as India and Pakistan are already struggling with basic problems such as poverty and food scarcity. Hence, the government’s priority should be eradicating such issues rather than providing unemployment allowance to young mothers.

Moreover, if the government decides to give a monthly salary to women who quit their job for taking care of their family, it will create resentment among other women who work a job. If they can earn a salary without going to office, then all of them will definitely resign from their jobs to be stay-at-home mother. Eventually, the government will end up paying all women for staying home. Thus, obviously, providing wages to mothers who stay at home is not good for a nation’s economy.

To conclude, assisting women who left their jobs to take care of their families with salaries is not a good approach. I believe that the government should provide them other forms of assistance such as free medical assistance and insurance. It should also enact policies that allow young mothers to work from their home and earn a salary.

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2 Responses

  1. susmita says:

    It is common in many countries where parents, mostly mothers, stay at home and look after their family instead of going to work. This practice has raised a debate on whether the government should pay them money or not. I agree that if public authorities help them then children’s health and behavior can be highly benefited which will definitely help a nation since the children are a country’s future.

    Firstly, when a government pays a parent who is looking after her family, she can better take care of her children with the money provided. She can visit a doctor regularly and buy a balanced diet which can help to keep her children’s health sound. For instance, financially strong families are commonly seen as healthier than those who are poor. Thus, the government’s aid can be vital to better growth of a family.

    Secondly, the government’s support can be life-changing for families with a single parent. If a parent can stay at home, then she can monitor her children after school and at the same time money can fulfill her needs. For example, many single parents’ children are addicted to video games and such stuff and leave school at an early age, because, there is no one to guide them after school. Therefore, public authorities should take care of its citizen when they have to stay at home and be a better parent.

    To conclude, it should be a government’s duty to support a family where a parent is taking care of their family by leaving a job. I totally agree with this arrangement as many parents can take advantage of this support which will definitely help to build a better nation with healthy and educated families.

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