Parents Of Obese Children Should Be Punished For Making Their Children Fat | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Parents of obese children should be punished for making their children fat. Do you agree or disagree?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

In recent years, obesity has become the most common health issue among children. Many people believe that parents of obese kids should be penalized for their role in making their children overweight. This essay disagrees with this statement because it is not possible for parents to constantly monitor what their children are eating; also, in many cases genetics play a crucial role in making children obese.

Food consumption of children cannot be monitored by parents all the time. When children are at school, they eat snacks and junk and parents will have no control over their dietary intake during this period. A child could consume a lot of junk food without the knowledge and permission of their mother and father when they are left unsupervised. This routine could eventually lead to addiction towards the high calorie food and can cause a lot of fluctuations in their weight. A recent study found that the majority of students consume an average of 70% of their per day recommended calorie allowance during the school hours alone in the form of unhealthy food.

Genetic issues can also cause weight inconsistencies among children and teenagers. Innate genetic disorders drop the metabolic rate and it becomes burdensome for children to maintain their body mass index. In these circumstances, there is little parents can do to help their children maintain normal weight and they should not be held accountable because it is the child’s genes that are most responsible. A recent research paper found that 30% of the children in North America suffer from morbid obesity due to genetic disorders and are vulnerable to extra body fat.

In conclusion, parents should not be punished if their sons or daughters are overweight because it is impractical to keep a check on their diet throughout the day and genes play a crucial role in determining the weight of a human.

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8 Responses

  1. Andrea says:

    In some countries, the average weight of people is increasing and their level of health and fitness is decreasing,
    What do you think are the causes of these problems and what measures could be taken to solve them.

    Some studies show us that in some countries the average weight of people is increasing despite their level of health and fitness.
    one of the reasons is spending long hours sitting due to more frequent office jobs, using new transportation devices such as an electric scooter or skateboard and so on.
    Nowadays, we have less time. We work long hour, or we do extra shifts but recent research shows that we waste so much time on social media. We prefer to order food, not always making the healthiest choice, or go to fast foods and restaurants instead of cooking our own food.
    A sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy foods lead to obesity and diseases such as diabetes, heart failure, stroke and so on.
    I strongly believe that prevention is essential and can help to raise people awareness regarding why a healthy weight is important and what the consequences of the overweight can be on our health. Prevention can be made with campaigns and early school education, perhaps by using social media.
    we all should be more aware of what are we eating in terms of calories, food provenience and nutrition facts.
    Nonetheless, fitness is essential for maintaining a healthy weight.
    Nowadays we have smartphones capable to count out daily steps, running or climbing stairs. There are many applications that can remind us by setting an alarm to go for a walk or do 10 minutes of exercises.
    In conclusion, I believe it is hard to find balance in this fast-paced world, however, in these times we have all the information available in order to maintain or build a healthy lifestyle but it will be always the awareness of a problem that can trigger us to find a solution.

  2. shm says:

    Nowadays obesity is becoming a common problem among people. Children are far more in danger of becoming fat as a result of restricted control on themselves. The internal and external factors which may cause high weight in children and the parent’s role on children obesity are issues we are going to discussed in this essay.
    There are many external factors related to the obesity. The increasing number of fast foods, unhealthy junk foods, inappropriate diets, sitting for a long time and being less active are some of external factors which may contribute to children’s high weight. Role of parents on avoiding children’s obesity is undeniable. The parents not only should pay enough attention to their children diets, provide meals containing adequate vitamins and prevent them from eating high calorie snacks which are poor in nutrition values, but also they have to provide circumstances for making their children more active such as registering the children in sport classes. The external factors can be managed by parents.
    Furthermore, there are internal factors can also have influence on children obesity. The genetics and a variety types of diseases have also significant role on children being fat. In these situations, parents play secondary role because they cannot control the child’s weight by themselves and they should consult with professional doctors to avoid obese children. In these cases, the children may have to take specific medicine, get special diets or do much more activities.
    To conclude, there are a wide range of factors related to obesity. Despite the significant role of parents on making children more active and providing healthy foods for them to avoid obese children, there are several factors including the child’s genetics which are less controllable by the parents. So, there is no reason to punish the parents for their children high weight.

  3. karan says:

    Parents of obese children should be punished for making their children fat. Do you agree or disagree?

    It is a debatable issue that the overweight children are due to their parents, so they have to be penalized. I largely disagree with this view as parents are not the only factor for children’s heavy weight.

    In my opinion, obesity is due to carelessness. Nowadays, due to the availability of different varieties of foods such as junk or fast food in the market or in school canteens makes kids more inclined to eat them. These foods are not the best replacement to homemade. Since parents cannot be with their kids for the whole time, it should be the responsibility of schools or the authority to limit the usage of unhealthy food items within certain territories. So, this is not appropriate to solely condemn parents for this.

    In addition to this, parents can only guide their kids about the dangerous effects of obesity in their future as this would create serious health problems. They can only engage them in different sports activities but it should be the desire of kids also to become fit. By citing from my personal experience, my landlord’s provided every facility to their daughter in the form of membership of gymnasium, sports club, and also good nutrition diet. But she has not been following any diet or workout; consequently, she gained more weight instead of reducing it.

    In conclusion, although parents are always taking care of their children’s health, the factors for increasing weight of kids are less care towards health and reluctance to reduce it.

  4. Mandeep Kaur says:

    Children are the architecture of the future of a nation so their proper development is imperative for golden future of a country, however obesity is a enormous problem at the present moment which normally affects children the most due to dearth of awareness. Some individuals opine that parents of obese children should be penalized for their role in making their kids overweight, conversely, I disagree with this notion as it is impossible for parents to monitor what their children are eating along with it, in many cases genetic play a crucial role in making children obese.
    Food consumption of children can not be monitored constantly by parents because of various reasons as children eat snacks and junk food without the permission of their parents. They are addicted to junk food as it is easily available in the market, additionally, it has world – class taste due to which children cannot get rid from the addiction of fast food. The routine of consuming high calories food leads to diseases like obesity. It has been found in medical research that 20% children are faced the problem of obesity.
    Despite eating habits, in some cases genetics play an imparative role for making children obese hence some kids are prone to obesity form their birth. Admittedly genetic issues influence the structure of children’s body and make them obese if their parents are also overweight. For example, if a pregnant woman is suffering from the diseases of blood pressure, hence her child will be obese due to some maternal disorders.
    To conclude, parents of obese children should not be penalized as there are various reasons for the diseases of obesity like adverse effects of addiction of eating unhealthy food as well as genetic issues.

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