Parents Are The Best Teachers For Their Children | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Parents are the best teachers for their children. Do you agree or disagree?

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

According to some people, parents make the best teachers for their children. I fully agree with this view because parents are the greatest influence on any child and the upbringing that they give will determine what the child will ultimately become in their life.

Parents are the first and foremost influence on any child. For many children, during the first few years of their life, parents are the only people in their life. They learn all important life skills from their father and mother. Parents not only teach their children to walk and talk, but also play a crucial role in shaping their character.

The seeds of character are sown during childhood and if children receive the right upbringing grounded on moral values, they will stay true to their conscience throughout their lives. By contrast, children raised by parents who lack moral values are more likely to become criminals when they grow up. That is because children learn a lot by observing and imitating. They observe each and every action of their parents and do exactly what their dad or mom does. So, for example, if children find that their parents are always honest in their dealings, they learn the importance of becoming honest. Such children will not become corrupt when they grow up. Likewise, parents who treat their servants or drivers with kindness and compassion are knowingly or unknowingly developing empathy in their children.

Parents are also the ones who encourage children to study hard and achieve their goals. Unlike teachers, parents have a vested interest in their children’s lives. They want their children to do well in life and bring honour to the family. Because of this reason, they never give up on their children. By contrast, in most cases, the contribution of the teachers at school or college is limited to helping their students learn their subjects.

To conclude, learning is not limited to mastering the concepts of science or mathematics. True learning happens outside the classroom and here parents are the ones who impart all important life lessons. Hence, the argument that parents are the best teachers for their children makes perfect sense.

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11 Responses

  1. parjinder says:

    Parenting is the cornerstone of a child’s holistic growth, owing to which some argue that parents are the best teachers for their children. I certainly agree with them and in this essay, I will discuss my points of agreement with this argument along with real-life illustrations.

    To begin with, an adolescent spends most of their time with their family members in comparison with their teachers and friends; while staying at home they are more likely to emulate their elders and learn from them. While, at home, a family can watch the conduct of their young ones and it will be the best time to become family-teachers and help them in not only studies but also in other aspects of life such as making new friends, deciding between right and wrong. So, while a child learns sufficient things from his school, yet parents have the golden opportunity to teach life skills.

    In addition, for every kid, their first idols are their parents who brought them into this world and from their childhood, they are obeying them. Because of this a father, even a mother, has the required power to stop them from going astray, which is impossible for a academics teacher. There are certain situations where parents have to act amidst the chaos and restrict their children from doing activities that can wreak havoc on their future. Hence, only parents have the capability to take the required actions for the well being of their children.

    In conclusion, since a child stays longer in the home, with parents, than his school; he learns many things from their parents, also parents have the fortitude to take desired steps to lead their youngster in the right path.

  2. Harjit says:

    A popular stratum of society tend to believe that parents are the best educator for their offsprings. Here, I am partly agree with them and I have some solid grounds to defend my opinion which I would like explicate in the paragraphs to come.
    The first argument in favour of parents is that they give birth and rear their children and they know their needs and interests better than others. For instance, a child is not good in mathematics and teacher tries various methods to improve his performance but parents are already known that his child has no interest in mathematics and they guide him in the direction of his interest rather than forcing to excel in that subject. Moreover, Parents teach them how to differentiate between right and wrong, good and bad company. Thus, they develop social skills . Furthermore, they are emotionally attach with their offsprings and no body else is so much concerned with them expect parents . They work hard to guide and fulfill their dreams .
    There is no doubt about the importance of parents in the life of children and I am agree with the above viewpoints but I believe that not all the parents are educated and well concerned about their children. Still, in underdeveloped countries illiteracy is at high level due to this, parents are unable to educate their children and schools are playing important role. In this scenario, we cannot neglect the value of teachers who act like a torch bearer. Secondly, parents are working and they have not enough time to guide their kids .So, other family members such as grandparents guide and teach them.
    In the conclusion, However, parents are great trainers but they cannot guide them at every stage. Hence , the contribution of other people can not be neglected.

    • ielts practice says:

      This is a band 6.5 essay. Grammar is a major issue in your writing. I just edited your first paragraph.

      A popular stratum of society tend to believe that parents are the best educator for their offsprings. Here, I am partly agree with them and I have some solid grounds to defend my opinion which I would like explicate in the paragraphs to come.
      Edited text
      A section of the society tends to believe that parents are the best mentors for their offsprings. I partly agree with them and I have some solid grounds to defend my opinion which I would like to explicate in the paragraphs to come.

      • harjit says:

        Yes i noticed as well .. And from next time i will try my best to eliminate them.most of mistakes i do while typing. Scores are down because of them..thanks to point out the mistakes..

  3. Vishakha Sharma says:

    Parents are the best teachers for their children. Do you agree or disagree?

    It is believed that a mother and a father are the best coach for a child. I agree, that it is parents who teach values and morals to their kids, that helps them to take the most important decisions of life.

    To begin with, parents are the first point of contact for a new born. Starting from the day, a child is born till the time they become adults, they learn etiquettes, social values and culture from their parents. The knowledge kids receive from their mother and father, goes a long way in shaping their personality. For instance, an adolescent, whose parents teach him/her to be honest, hardworking and patient in life, is less likely to do anything that is unethical and cause harm to others. Whereas a youngster who has seen his/ her parents indulge in illegal activities, may himself/herself become a criminal in future. Thus, it can be said, that parents have a huge influence on a person’s life and the teachings they impart are crucial for not only the personality but also emotional and mental development of the child.

    The role of teachers is secondary to parents. Professors focus more on bookish knowledge compared to life skills. They teach students subjects such as Maths, Chemistry, Physics, English however, they do not take an active part in the child’s development. Whereas, parents have a vested interest in their own child, in the sense that they will educate on what is right and wrong, what educational course is best for the youngster to pursue, what career choice should be made, etc. Parents invest their time, efforts and savings in their kids future and therefore, it is their right to have a say in their children’s life.

    In conclusion, none could compare to the love, care and attention, parents devote to their children. They are the best teachers a person can have and are always available when you need them.

    • ielts practice says:

      This is almost 7. Your content is good. Make sure that your verbs agree with the subjects. That means you need a plural verb with a plural subject and a singular verb with a singular subject. Also limit the use of comma. There is an overdose of it in your essay.

  4. Priyanka Sharma says:

    It is believed that the knowledge that children can gain from their parents can hardly get from others. This essay totally agree with this statement because adolscents learn social values from them and parents usually improve children’s weak areas.

    It has been said that home is the first school for children and also mother-father are first and best coach because children will learn the things those they will see their parents do and also taught by their parents about moral and ethical values. To illustrate, a survey conducted among the two groups of children, one was those who brought up by caregivers after school because of working parents, those adolscents were irresponsible and also not obedient to their parents whereas the group conducted the children who brought up by parents, these children were well mannered and respect their elders.

    In addition to the social values parents help their children in their study after school. In other words, because of having enough time to spend with their children, parents check their work and find out their weak areas of study and work with them for months to get them better at those matters. For example research among teachers shows that when after they complain about child to their parents, children improve within three to four months in those subjects and result shows 70-80% improvement in their performance which proves that care at home improved child far more better than at school.

    In conclusion, parents proven as best coach because children usually learn social values from our parents and also they do hard work on children to make them perfect by working on their soft areas.

  5. Gayathri says:

    Most of the doctors say that in majority of countries people are not doing sufficient physical excercise.
    What are the causes of this?
    What action could be taken?

    It is often argued by physician that humans are not involved themselves in enough physical activity in many continents. This essay will discuss why this is happening and put forward several solutions for this issue.

    First and foremost, lack of exercise is common among people is due to long working hours. This enable people to get exhaust easily when they returned back to home, thereby makes them to avoid exercise. For example, Recent studies by BBC reported that one in ten citizen in UK, neglecting their daily workout due to their busy work schedule. This sedentary lifestyle incorporates not only weight gain in person but also cardiac disease in long run.

    The secondary reason is that, people are started to focus on entertainment and they failed to devote their time on gym. In other words, social media addiction is increasingly popular among youngsters and elders so that they avoided to look after their health. For instance, Research conducted by Cambridge University, stated that there is 40 percent increase in weight gain among students who are smart phone users. Furthermore, People who involved in more online activities are likely to be unfit.

    Despite of long duration spent in workplace and on Internet, there are several measures that can be taken to involve people to get their track on fitness. Firstly, work organisation should take first step to encourage their employees to become fit by providing gym facilities at work area. Secondly, government should limit the individual’s time spent in online. All of these measures can help people to start their daily physical activity.

    To sum up, working for long time in office and indulging in social media are the causes of getting obese and fitness centre in workplace and time limit rules program by government are the remedies to get the individual back to healthy lifestyle.

    Dear mam, please evaluate my essay.

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