Parents Are The Best Teachers For Their Children

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According to some people, parents make the best teachers for their children. I fully agree with this view because parents are the greatest influence on any child and the upbringing that they give will determine what the child will ultimately become in their life.

Parents are the first and foremost influence on any child. For many children, during the first few years of their life, parents are the only people in their life. They learn all important life skills from their father and mother. Parents not only teach their children to walk and talk, but also play a crucial role in shaping their character.

The seeds of character are sown during childhood and if children receive the right upbringing grounded on moral values, they will stay true to their conscience throughout their lives. By contrast, children raised by parents who lack moral values are more likely to become criminals when they grow up. That is because children learn a lot by observing and imitating. They observe each and every action of their parents and do exactly what their dad or mom does. So, for example, if children find that their parents are always honest in their dealings, they learn the importance of becoming honest. Such children will not become corrupt when they grow up. Likewise, parents who treat their servants or drivers with kindness and compassion are knowingly or unknowingly developing empathy in their children.

Parents are also the ones who encourage children to study hard and achieve their goals. Unlike teachers, parents have a vested interest in their children’s lives. They want their children to do well in life and bring honour to the family. Because of this reason, they never give up on their children. By contrast, in most cases, the contribution of the teachers at school or college is limited to helping their students learn their subjects.

To conclude, learning is not limited to mastering the concepts of science or mathematics. True learning happens outside the classroom and here parents are the ones who impart all important life lessons. Hence, the argument that parents are the best teachers for their children makes perfect sense.

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