Overpopulation In Many Major Urban Centres Around The World Is A Major Problem | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Overpopulation in many major urban centers around the world is a major problem. What are the causes of this? How can this problem be solved?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Overpopulation is rising at an alarming rate in major cities around the world. It is caused by the migration of rural people into urban areas because of the lack of educational or employment opportunities in villages and small towns. Building educational institutions and industries in villages is the most viable solution to this problem.

To begin with, although there are plenty of schools and colleges in rural cities, there are very few universities. This forces / encourages many aspiring students to migrate to cities in order to pursue their higher education. Another major cause of the rise in urban population is the availability of better job opportunities in cities. As there are considerably more industries in the cities than the countryside, many people opt to move to cities for better career prospects. The government should take several measures to check the migration of rural youth into urban areas. For example, it should build not only schools but also colleges in villages. This move will make higher education easily accessible to rural people and thus mitigate migration.

In addition, the government should encourage industries to set-up their business operations in the rural places. This would foster employment and give rise to job opportunities in the rural places. For example, Gujarat government has taken several measures to establish universities and industries in the district of Anand and this has drastically reduced the population in cities such as Ahmedabad and Baroda.

In conclusion, if the government takes necessary steps to build universities and encourage companies to set-up their operations in rural cities, the problem of overpopulation in developed cities can be tackled.

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