Over the last few decades, there has been an increase in international tourism | Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Over the last few decades, there has been an increase in international tourism. Some people think that tourism is beneficial for local communities and should be encouraged. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

In this day and age, travelling around the world has become quite common because of better connectivity and cheaper flights. Some people believe that international tourism should be promoted because of its positive impacts. I totally agree with this view because tourism industry can be beneficial for a country and its people.

First and foremost, the tourism industry can create a variety of job opportunities for the natives. As international tourism benefits travel agencies, transportation services and accommodation providers, there will be a huge demand for local employees in the job market. In the long term, promoting tourism can be an effective way for the local government to solve the unemployment problem.

In addition to creating job opportunities, international tourism benefits the local economy in several other ways. Generally speaking, travelers from different countries are willing to spend money during their international trip. For example, it is common for Chinese tourists to spend a large amount of money on meals and luxury brands during their foreign trips. This can be a significant source of income for local stores, brands and restaurants. Moreover, there is no denying the fact that tourists love visiting heritage sites. By maintaining these sites properly, the government can showcase the rich culture and heritage of their country in front of an international audience. Better still, tourism is a green industry. It does not pollute the air or the soil.

To conclude, after analysing the situation, it is not hard to see that the local community and the government benefit immensely from promoting international tourism in their country.

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