Ordinary People Try To Copy Famous People | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

Ordinary people try to copy famous people either reading magazines or watching TV. Why do they do this?  Do you think it is a good idea to copy famous people?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

In this modern era, it has been witnessed that most of the common people seek to imitate popular celebrities by following them on media sources such as magazines and television. This essay will discuss the factors that encourage ordinary folks to imitate famous people. Personally, I think this is a bad tendency.

To begin with, there are several reasons for this craze among people to follow celebrities. One of the main reasons is that people get attracted to the lifestyle of celebrities and also want to achieve the same in their own daily life. For example, recently an Indian guy bought the same luxury car owned by his idol M.S. Dhoni thinking that this would help him grab attention. People also imitate celebrities to look more stylish and to gain more acceptance in the society. For example, celebrity hairstyles are a rage among young people.

Although this tread of copying famous personalities is very common, it is not really laudable. Imitating famous people can only bring temporary joy to the common people. On the other hand, a person might gain permanent happiness by exploring his/her own originality rather than copying the style of celebrities. Furthermore, if a person lives his life in his own way, it boosts his confidence which leads to greater success in his life.

To sum up, it is irrefutable that most of the people attempt to imitate well known personalities to improve their social status and to appear stylish. However, this trend is not appreciable as common people lose their originality by copying others.

Ordinary people copy famous people whom they see on TV and magazines – Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Superstars of the film industry, television industry and sports field are crazily followed by common man. Interviews, endorsements, social messages given by popular people set the trend for the public. In my opinion, there are both positive and negative aspects to copying famous people; however, this is not exactly a positive development,

Celebrities often act as a source of inspiration for commoners. Dhoni, for example, hails from a modest background and his success as a cricketer inspired thousands of children to dream big. You can learn a lot of things from celebrities. These include hard work and perseverance. From a sports star, you can learn the importance of healthy habits and regular practice.

On the other hand, in most cases, blindly aping celebrities is bad for young people. Celebrities are also like any other people. They have their plus and minus points and no celebrity is hundred percent free from fault. Hence, if someone blindly imitates a celebrity, they will end up making the same mistakes and wrong choices that celebrity made. Also, this obsession with copying celebrities will almost always land their fans in financial and other problems. Celebrities are rich people. They are also sponsored by big brands. So, if a fan insists on wearing the same kind of outfits as their favourite hero or heroine, they will get into financial difficulties. Likewise, many celebrities do a lot of shopping and partying. They may also have multiple relationships. It is not wise for their fans to imitate the same lifestyle.

Personally I believe that this practice of copying famous people has both positive and negative aspects. Celebrities can certainly teach us a lot of things. Many people, however, only see the glitz and glamour and try to blindly ape the celebrities. This is really harmful for them because they may not be in a financial position to have the same lifestyle. Read the question carefully and write.

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8 Responses

  1. Sarasvati Vaghani says:

    Now-a-days; people from the everywhere, have started following celebrities or some famous persons from the social media like TV and magazines. Folks feel that those kind of lifestyle tend to give them a modern way to live their life. Moreover, I think that this idea is good at some level ;however, one should not copy that type of living the lifestyle as everyone is different from others.

    This is my introduction paragraph. could you please tell me about it ? where should I improve ? and what should be better ?

    • ielts practice says:

      It should be something like this:
      Nowadays, people all over the world imitate celebrities. Folks / ordinary people believe that following the lifestyle of the famous make them more stylish or modern. In my opinion, this trend is beneficial to a certain extent; however, one should never blindly copy another person.

  2. kevin says:

    Nowadays, renowned personalities are being imitated by some individuals through watching them on television shows or reading their lifestyles on magazines. The reason why people try to imitate popular individuals is that, in some way, it increases their self-confidence. I believe that this kind of behavior is inappropriate because it shows that these common people have no originality and tends to get dependent to others by copying their actions.
    Imitating famed people could be a way to develop trust in oneself. Given the fact that they are famous, mimicking their personalities would make that person draw more attention from other people. Moreover, this could make them feel better, improve their self-esteem and develop how they communicate with other individuals. People using entertainment websites are the prime examples of this, where they primarily imitate popular figures and gain popularity in social media sites. Finally, mimicking famed personalities could make a huge impact in improving one’s self-worth.
    However, this behavior leads to the inability of oneself to think independently and creatively. In other words, they are showing no originality in whatever they are doing. If they are imitating too often, they may lose their own identity gradually and have a hard time to express themselves in their own ways. Adolescents in Korea are the clear example of this, wherein they are expressing too much idolization to actors and, in the long run, they tend to have problems with gender identity. Ultimately, imitating other people may result to personality issues.
    In conclusion, people try to copy famous personalities because it improves their self-confidence towards other people. However, this is unacceptable because they may develop problems within themselves in a long period of time.

  3. Vishnu priya says:

    Many people copy the lifestyles of popular personalities by watching them on television and reading their life stories on magazines. The reason they tend do is to boost their self-confidence levels. I believe this is a good idea because if people take it positively.

    To begin with, celebrities create more impact on individual lifestyles, many people read their life stories of the way they hard work, faced challenges and also the way they failed many times and finally reached into success levels.Therefore, reading their life stories increases their self-esteem when people get demotivated. For instance, In Times Of India mentioned, 90% of the people today are taking challenges in their life instead of giving up and suiciding because of failures. This example, explained the impact of successful person on ordinary person’s life.

    Furthermore, Most of the famous personalities participate in voluntery programmes such as Go Green which means to save trees and also explain the importance of saving people life in advertisements. This ideas grab attention in many people and they tend to do blood donations, distributing food for old age homes, doing voluntery works on the name of famous persons, which saves many poor people’s lives.

    In conclusion, I believe that lifestyles of famous person’s has a positive impact on individuals in terms of gaining self confidence and saving other people’s lives by volunteering.

    • ielts practice says:

      This seems band 6 to me. The topic is not about learning from the mistakes of celebrities. It is about copying their style.

  4. Neets says:

    Nowadays, well-known personalities are being idolized by the common population by means of reading magazines or watching on tv. This trend is quite common in a way to keep the reputation high in society. But I think it to be a drawback from the side of commoners.

    The first and foremost reason for this tendency is the materialistic lifestyle of the modern era. These days people love to show off their styles and status has become the benchmark for a successful life. Therefore, copying styles of famous icons represents them as high class and they gain tremendous pride by flaunting it. For instance, the wedding dress wore by Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma was copied by many rich brides for which they were complimented and it added to their position in the community.

    From my point of view, this trend is quite a failure from the part of society. Imitation is worthless and is pure wastage of money, time and materials. Anyone who is being a copycat for whatever reasons ultimately lose their own identity and in the long run may turn out to be deficient in self -confidence. This fact is quite evident from one of the studies which reveal that 20% of the people who copy and follow styles of renowned personalities lack in self -confidence and also self- worth. In addition, creativity will die in this process.

    To conclude, though modern civilization loves to follow the styles of celebrities for status, it may have a negative impact on their own personalities and gradually will lose the identity of oneself.

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